Editor Picks: Top 9 Mooncakes in Klang Valley (2016)

There are more and more mooncakes in town and most of us are being pampered with the creativity from the brands in town either by their mooncake choices or even ther packaging. In 2016, our editors will be tasting a wide choice of mooncakes and we are putting them into our Top 10 Selection of mooncakes for this year in 2016.
For those who are looking forward on Shangri-La Mooncakes, they comes with the varity choices of mooncakes that will definitely tempt you and this year, they are offering their Black Sesame mooncakes which is one of their highlights of this year.  Price ranges from RM 19 onwards.
Recommended Mooncakes
– Black Sesame Seed Paste Single Yolk
– Assorted Nuts & Sun Dried Fruits
Hilton Kuala Lumpur is another brands which captures many hearts of purchasers with their creative packaging and choices. With the Tiffin Box concept, you will definitely be in love with it. With the wide variety choices of mooncakes, this year most of their mooncakes are pretty good.
Recommended Mooncakes:
Traditional – Style Baked with Five Nuts
 Imperial by Chynna
 Blue Moon
Flower Drum
Heavenly Gold
It has been a long time ago since they had released their mooncakes, and this year they come out with their mooncakes with lovely packaging as well as wide variety choices for this year.This year, they had launch 8 different home-made mooncakes to mark the festival!
Recommended Mooncakes:
Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Dried Longan and Melon Seed
Celestial Court Assorted Nuts
Mini Snow Skin Gold Dust Premium Musang King Durian
Mini Snow Skin Strawberry Lotus Paste with Berries truffle
Mini snow skin salted caramel azuki bean

Concorde Kuala Lumpur is one of the nicest packaging ever I had seen most of the time. Creative team they had in designing their mooncake selection, Concorde also make thing simpler this year where they comes with 4 set of choices,- 2 from the Baked items, 1 from the Ping Bei and 1 from Durian Selection
Recommended Mooncakes:
Durian Mooncake
Set B
Bringing back to their traditional style of mooncake, Intercontinental is bringing you with the can style packaging which is pretty unique. They have wide choices of mooncakes from baked to ping bei as well.
Recommended Mooncakes:
Salted bean paste and beetroot
Bamboo charcoal with assorted nuts
Red prawn durian
Coconut milk snowskin with “teow chew” yam shrimp and single egg yolk
This year, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur comes up with one of their most unexpected mooncakes which I give double thumbs up. From the traditional selection, they comes with the low sugar series where it is healthier and less sweet. Choices includes the Assorted nuts and seeds, pandan lotus paste with single egg yolk, white lotus paste with single salted egg yolk, Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea with Black Sesame , Shanghai Lotus paste with Single Yolk , White Lotus Paste and Red Bean Paste. And for this year, Renaissance comes up with their new varieties which is not to be missed which is the Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea Black Sesame. Moving to snow skin, they comes with 7 choices of mooncakes. The 7 choices of mooncakes includes the Durian Paste, Coffee Paste with Marshmallow and nuts, Corn Paste with Raisin, Osmathus Paste with Dates, Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk, White and black Chocolate Paste with Mixed Nuts, and also the Black Sesame Paste with Green Tea.
Recommended Mooncakes:
Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea with Black Sesame
Shanghai Lotus paste with Single Yolk
Coffee Paste with Marshmallow and nuts
Osmathus Paste with Dates
White and black Chocolate Paste with Mixed Nuts


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    love this post. i love mooncake and given so many choices in the market, i usually don’t know which one to choose from. this post certainly helps!

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