Concorde Kuala Lumpur: Elegantly presented Mooncake Indulgence

When it is passed to me, I thought It is a jewellery box. The beautiful elegant box on my table and I am wondering what will be inside?


Am I dreaming, will there be jewellery? Diamonds maybe, or gold? The appearance of the box had melts my heart and I am thinking non-stop what will it be.


And is mooncake! Sweetness overloaded with the mooncake jewels I can say! And I am obviously a lucky girl.And this mooncakes are from Concorde Kuala Lumpur. Well, if you know, Concorde KL never disappoint you with their beautiful mooncake boxes every year. They have those with can make lamp, and last year with the container where you can use them to put ur food and more, or even vase and this year, they go even higher where is time to put your jewellery in it.
And this year, Concorde KL bings you with a mini size of mooncake (60gm each) where they are pre-packed with their best selection. There are 4 selections available where you can have the Set A, Set B, Ping Pei Set and also their Snowskin Musang King Durian.


The set A (RM 108 nett) comes with the Japanese Red Bean, Pure Lotus Single Yolk, White Pure Lotus, Assorted Fruit Nut and the Gree Tea Pure Lotus. This is where they comes more too the traditional taste of mooncake in it.


And for the Set B  (RM 108 nett), they comes with the Golden Pandan Pure Lotus Single Yolk, White Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Green Tea Pure Lotus Paste, Japanese Red Bean , Pure Lotus and Golden Pandan Pure Lotus.
And for those who prefer Ping Pei, they can have 2 x Red Bean Paste, 2 x Green Tea Paste, 2 x Black Sesame Paste all at RM 108 nett too.
Being their signature all this while, do get a try of their Snowskin Musang King Durian with 6 pieces in a box at RM 148 nett
For me; being a fans of Musang King, this is a must in my list and I love their Pure Lotus Single Yolk and the Japanese Red Bean where it is not too sweet to my preference.


For those who are having CIMB, Citibank, Hong Leong , HSBC, OCBC, RHB, and UOB credit card are entitled for 15% discount.
Concorde will have a kiosk at Mid Valley Megamall (south court) from 24 August – 15 September. Aside from the ovenbaked mooncakes, ‘ping pei’ Snowskin varieties will be sold exclusively at Mid Valley.


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