Serradura, also known as sawdust pudding, or Macau pudding, is a well-known dessert of Macau, which shows a layered outlook with a simple combination of whipped cream and crumbled Marie biscuit.   It is my first time making this. Ingredients : 1. 150 g Marie Biscuit 2. 200 g of … [Read more...]


Many asked me how to make the Kuai Fa Jelly and here are the recipe Ingredients: 1) 3 tea spoon of Kuai Fa 2) 2 tablespoon chrysanthemum 3) 1 cup sugar 4) 4 table spoon of wolfberries 5) 1 packet of Jelly powder (I get it from Bake Well Sri Gombak) 6) 800 ml water 7) 1 drop of yellow food … [Read more...]