Celestial Court , Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur: Mooncake Crafted with Love

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival to Chinese people after the Chinese New Year, and it has been a long tme since they had their mooncake. Being one of the famous Chinese Restaurant in town, now Sheraton Imperial brings you with their great mooncake selection. This year, they had launch 8 different home-made mooncakes to mark the festival!

What are they offering this year? This year, find all their Handmade mooncake in the Chinese Kitchen by their dim sum chef and they are all made in house to supply to the needs. It is indeed a limited edition mooncake I could say.

The packaging was awesome. Vabriant red color box where with the gold handle and also inside comes with the drawer. Beautifully designed and one of the prettiest mooncake box too.

For the baked series, enjoy the lovely choices of baked items where they have the Celestial Court Assorted Nuts, Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Dried Longan and Melon Seed, Low Sugar Osmanthus White Lotus and Black Sesame with Melon Seed, and lastly the Pandan Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Pumpkin Seed.

We love the the Celestial Court Assorted Nuts aas well as the Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Dried Longan and Melon Seed. Both are really good. The Assorted Nut brings you with the great crunchy bites with the fragrant taste in it. The nuts are so much that I am just falling in love munching them. The unique taste with the light sweetness and fragrant longan taste does not disappoint us too.

As for the snow skin, I bet you will completely falling in love with every bites of it. A must to go for is their Mini Snow Skin Gold Dust Premium Musang King Durian where the musang king durian taste is infused in it bringing you with the thick aromatic taste of durian in iit. Not just that, topped with the gold dust on top. Beautiful.

The Mini Snow Skin Strawberry Lotus Paste with Berries truffle is indeed addictive. Love the smell of the strawberry skin and once a bites, you get the taste of the creamy chocolate with the berries truffle. Such an indulgence for the day.

Other than the two signature, they also have unique flavours in their selection too.  This includes the mini snow skin salted caramel azuki bean as well as the Mini Snow Skin Teh Tarik Yam Paste with Macademia Nuts.

Available from 15th July – 15th September 2016.

Price : Starts from MYR 20nett each.

Early Bird Promotion:

Additional 20% discount when you purchase between 15th July – 7th August 2016.
Bank partnerships:

Maybank & CIMB cardholders – 20%
UOB cardholders – 15%
For orders and more information, please call +603 – 2717 9988 or email us at [email protected]

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