Mooncake Festival comes awesome in Klang Valley where there are plentiful of mooncakes all around the town. It is time to celebrate mooncake festival with giving friends and family a decent packaging of mooncakes and choosing the best to share with family and friends. Here you go with Malaysianfoodie picks our favorites 10 at the moment:

1) Shangri-La mooncakes
shangrila mooncake
Mooncake packing comes unique and beautiful where it can be used to store your stuff. The mooncakes comes not too sweet and the freshness of the delights is there. It’s texture is so good and recommended flavours for the mooncake includes the The Pandan Lotus Seed Paste and Assorted Nuts and Sun-Dried Fruits for the tradional mooncake. For the Snow Skin ; it would be their Mini Ping Pei with Avocado Custard Cream, Ping Pei Snow White Chocolate and Mini Ping Pei Durian.

2) Hilton KL 
Durian Mooncakes in Hilton KL comes awesome with the creamy and fragrant Musang King taste. Skin is thin with the fresh ingridients inside. Every mouthful is so velvety and each mouthful give me two thumbs up.

3) Godiva Chocolate Mooncake
If you are looking for some special mooncake besides the Snow Skin or Traditional, do try their Chocolate Mooncake. Having a few choices of flavours on its chocolate, the mooncake comes special but the price is at the highside.

4) Intercontinental Hotel KL
Lucious packing with the thin crust mooncake. The mooncakes is simply awesome and they comes with the nice packaging with their signature sauce and tea with it. I love their Almond Pandan Mooncakes which is filled with the aroma of the almond at the bites.

4) Concorde Kuala Lumpur

concorde kl
Famed for its mooncake packaging which is extremely beautiful where you can use them for you’re your room lighting. Their mooncakes comes special this year with their selection of thin baked skin mooncakes.

6) Saujana Hotel KL

Saujana Hotel KL brings you with a modern style of mooncakes. The mooncakes comes with a variety choices from their traditional mooncakes till their modern mooncakes. They have a lot of variety and one of the highlight mooncakes which comes special to me is the Black Forest Mooncake.

7)Tai Thong Mooncake : – Durian Mooncake

tai thong
Famed for its mooncake last year ; Tai Thong comes with their new mooncakes which is simply a good one. Using the D24 and Red Prawn made from 100% premium grade durians; Tai Thong comes delicious and what’s more is their velvety texture of mooncake.

8) Mandarin Oriental



mooncake 2014

Another brand which is not to be missed is from Lai Po Heen – Mandarin Oriental. Their highlight comes with the chocolate mooncakes which comes bittersweet and creamy. It is something worth to try off if you are a chocolate lover. The packaging also comes unique this year with the elegant red and black box

9) FreeMori
Served in petite size mooncake and at an affordable price, the petite size mooncake comes awesome with the selection of mooncake. The packaging comes pretty unique and what I love is their The Royal Milk Tea and The Pu Er Tea Mooncake.

10)Guan Heong Mooncake

Guan Heong Mooncake is one of my favorites as it has the pork-licious temptations in it. With the big jerky chinese BBQ meat; it is something special to look for if you are a big fans of jerky pork meat.

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