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The award winning Mooncake Specialist Tai Thong (大同) celebrates the coming Mid-Autumn Festival for this year (2014) with the launch of their delectable new range of creative mooncakes including Dragon Fruit & Coconut Single Yolk and Honey Grapefruit & Mixed Nuts, inspired by the many colours and flavours of Malaysia.
tai thong
This year, the mooncake choices comes even more with their classic baked skin mooncake with the choices of the White Lotus Single Yolk (RM16.50/pc), Lotus Paste (RM14.50), Lotus Paste Single Yolk (RM15.50), Red Bean Paste (RM10.50) and Lotus Paste Double Yolk (RM16.50). All time favorites and preserving the heritatge of the old tradition.
tai thong
Not to forget, the launch of the success Tai Thong Imperial Musang King Royale which I could not get to purchase them last year; now they had step forward and introducing the two editions of the Durian Mooncakes to us which is the D24 and Red Prawn made from 100% premium grade durians. Both the durian mooncakes are simply a two thumbs up where the creamy textured premium durian delights. The mooncakes comes very nice, and each bites is driving me crazy to have MORE. The premium durian comes in a box of 4 pcs where it is priced at RM88.

For the D24, it comes creamy, melts in the mouth with the fragrant taste of the durian blend. For the Red Prawn, it comes with the touch of bitterness in it.
tai thong
If you are looking for something special this year, try their colourful mooncake selection where they have the new range which is the Honey Grapefruit and Mixed Nuts(RM16.50) having refreshing Grapefruit paste perfectly paired with dried fruits, winter melon, almonds and sesame seeds; Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk (RM16.50). The special taste of the velvety blend of mooncake with the aromatic taste of the coconut and salted eggyolk with it.
tai thong
As for the Snow Skin Honey Lemon Grapefruit (RM16.50); it brings us with the sweet fragrant honey blend with the zesty taste of the lemon. Nice one.
Check out the Tai Thong 2014 Mooncakes price list as above.

In conjunction with the festival, Tai Thong comes up with four type of Mid-Autumn sets that are priced from RM298++ to RM2388++. Depending on the set chosen, each table will receive one, two or a box of Tai Thong mooncakes. (*Terms and Conditions applied)
tai thong
More from Tai Thong where you can get one of their special dishes – Fried Turbot Fish with Celery at RM498++ and RM798++. The fillet fish “frame” is being deep fried till golden brown with the crispiness touch on the “frame” while the fish fillet comes flaky with the savory sauce with it.
tai thong
Nothing beats Tai Thong Poon Choy to welcome you for the mooncake festival. Try their hearty pot of poon choy which is loaded with variety of ingridients includes the Tian Jin Cabbage, Lotus Root, Beancurd Stick, Wheat Gluten, White Radish, Celery, Poached Chicken, Roast Duck, Brocolli, Pig Trotters, Mushroom, Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Fresh Prawns and Golden Fish Ball. Topped with the flavourful brown sauce with it.

Plan a trip to Tai Thong for the Mid Autumn Festival where you will be assured enjoyed a meal with family and friends with mooncakes and Poon Choy.

Tai Thong Chinese Restaurant
Lot 7343 Jalan SS 17/2,
SS 17, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

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