Nana’s Green Tea had finally stepped into Malaysia with their first shop in The Gardens after their success of having 65 outlets in Japan, 6 in Shanghai and 1 in Singapore. Well-known in Japan as the “Japanese Starbucks” and voted No.1 brand among Japanese Cafe among matcha lovers; the restaurant is simply packed with visitors at anytime.
The restaurant boost with lots of ideas and delivering the “Matcha”; the Japanese powdered green tea as well as maintaining the traditional culture of drinking Japanese Green tea and the benefits of drinking green tea too. The café brings us with the old style interior with the concept of the “New Japanese” Tea House that suits the modern age now. Wooden furniture that looks like benches and sitting under the cherry blossoms of trees with the enjoyment of tea is the concept in Nana’s Green Tea.
Started with the Uji Matcha (RM15.00); bringing you a different style of tea alike espresso. Using the traditional tea stirred together with the typical seven leaves, here goes the uji matcha. The matcha comes in thick and each mouthful is cleansed with the refreshing taste of green tea in it.
Matcha Shiratama Slushy (RM13.80) comes well with the cool matcha slushy which is being topped with the matcha ice cream and mocha. Commanly known as “Japanese Starbucks” in Japan, the ice blended matcha is really good. Creamy soft slushy melts in the mouth with the fragrant blend of green tea. Topped with the creamy soft ice cream; just perfect and what’s more when it is added with the mocha with it which is filled with chewiness in it.
Matcha Kanten Slushy (RM9.80) is where the cool matcha slushy is being topped with Kanten and the huge black soybean. The kanten- jelly alike desserts has a like green tea flavours and its just nice to chew them. Nice.


For those who love something more classic; they do have four types of main Nihon Cha ( Japanese Tea) which is being served in Nana’s Green Tea. There are 4 choices of tea that you can choose from Nana’s Green Tea namely namely the Uji Cha, Karigane Cha, Hoji Cha and Genmai Cha. Each of the tea brings us with the different blend where Uji Cha is the highest quality among all where it brings us with the wild bitter sweet taste and distinctive lush new. Hoji Cha however brings us with the toasty and nutty flavor; Gemmai Cha, also called as pop corn tea. Made of Karigane cha, know for its toasty brown rice aroma with sweet and unique taste.

Matcha Anmitsu (RM16.80) is such a great desserts to go for. The healthy blend of desserts where it is served with the Matcha ice cream, red bean paste and mochi served on a bed of “Kanten”. Drizzled with the caramelized brown sugar syrup for a sweet sensation. The blend of desserts comes well to our table and I love it so much as the cooling “Kanten” is just so addictive.

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