Easy Jam Making: Orange Apple Jam

It is always been a dream to make my own jam and it is indeed fun to venture around since I had gotten a Optimum 2.1 Blender and the SKG Bread Maker recently.

1. 5 apples
2. 1 Orange ( juice them out)
3. 100 g of brown sugar

1. I blend my apples for less than a minute in my Optimum 2.1 blender while I had my pure orange juice home slow juice using my Crego Slow Juicer.
2. Put them all in into the bread maker ( I am using SKG BreadMaker)
3. Press Jam Function
4. And wait till the jam is form, but I found is not fine enough, I put them back in blender to blend them for about 1-2 minutes which give u the smooth texture of the jam.
5. And now you can enjoy your jam with love.

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