Crego: Excellent Slow Juicer with a Price Tag to Kill!

Slow Juicer is so much a hit after the hit of those cold presses juices store round the nation. People now are always looking for better benefits of health through juicing and I believe juicing are indeed one of the way you can get all your nutrients that you need in one goal.  Recent claims have promised that drinking fresh-pressed juices can help you lose weight, boost immunity, prevent cancer and cleanse your system.
Talking about juicing, I am always impressed with the benefits but getting a good one is pretty expensive where they will cost you for thousands. And I ended up buying juices when I need them from the juice shop. Now I am happy to find a juicer which give me a solution where the price is at affordable rate but they can do good jobs.
And why I choose Crego? 
1. RPM 
Why I would say RPM is my consideration when buying a slow juicer is because the lower RPM is it; the better the juicer it is. Crego provide us with 43 RPM (revolutions per minutes) where many outside brands are at around 80 RPM. This is where the slower it is, it will allow the auger to extract nutrients and enzymes gently from fruits and vegetables.
2. Big Inlet
Free from hastle is what I love about Crego. This is where they comes with the new 76mm revolutionary inlet where I can simply insert the whole apple, peeled orange, and even more daily fruits in it. With this; you are not just saving time but you can reduce the nutrient loss from the oxidation of the fruits during the cutting process.
3. Warranty
It is always a MUST for me to look at the warranty of a product when you are buying anything from home appliances to house hold good. Yes, Crego’s Juicifiers are made with 100% copper windings with optimized wire diameter which ensures you with the durability of the motor. With 10 years warranty provided, you are rest assured on how good the products is!
4. Shelf Live of the Juice
As we are working folks, it is always important to save time. I may not be a person a will do juicing everyday but with the shelf life of my juice up to 72 hours, it actually helps me a lot. I can do my juicing once every two days without having issues. With the high shelf live, you can save time of doing juicing when you need it but you can store some in your fridge up to 3 days for consumtion.
5. Cleaning
Cleaning is one of the factor I am always looking it. I have give up juicing when having the Centrifugal Juicer as it takes me a long time to wash and the hastle of cleaning up. Furthermore, I could not juice a lot due the oxidization. I found, using Crego Juicifier I only take less than 15 minutes to clean them up and no hassle at all.
6. Parts Price Stated on the Internet
We found that Crego give me a secure purchasing compare to many brands as they listed their spare parts price of their product online. This is something I am pretty impressed off compare many brands. This is bringing customer confident as well as the honesty of the retailers as we will not be paying high repair charges when the parts is broken.
And of course, price is indeed the major factor of purchasing this! Looking of the quality of the product vs the price, I could say I am like winning a lottery when I am looking at purchasing one. Well, many good ones will cost you over two thousand or more but with Crego it is only at RM 899 for one which comes pretty affordable. And whats more is it comes with 2 color choices which is the Blissful Red and another is the Prestige Gold.

You can now purchase online with the link HERE


  1. says

    I have been searching for a juicer, too. The Philips one that I had broke down not even one year after buying it. This one at RM899 looks like a good deal.

  2. Shivani says

    I was actually surfing online the other day for a good juicer. Been taking a look at quite a number of brands too so cheers to this share. It was certainly very informative :)

  3. Betty says

    Seem a good juicer machine and the replacement of the part also sell at reasonable price. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. says

    oh is there finally a slow juicer with wide mouth besides the other expensive brand? this looks like a good option, easy, no need to cut the fruits.

  5. Nemesisz says

    I already own the Crego juicer. It really is good and the build quality is top notch. Moreover, if somehow your juicer part got damage in the future, you can just buy that part without buying the whole juicer again. With the price tags below RM1k, it really is a good deal compare to other famous brand such as Kuvings or Hurom with have a ridiculous price tags.

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