Froothie Optimum 2.1 Blender : A perfect blender for everyone


We are excited when we heard that we are getting a premium blender and its finally here. When we first here about it, we googled them and saw an impressive videos where it can turn a paving stone into dust in few seconds.

Well, I have gotten the blender weeks back, but I am down with flu, fever and packed with loads of travels that had delay in taking it up to use. As Christmas and Chinese New Year is coming soon, it would be good to have them for my baking needs, making some little goodies for my loves one using this.

Coming with the heavy packaging, the Froothie Optimum G2.1 blender is indeed beautiful. It comes with the touchscreen with the 6 pre-set programmes from fruit, grinding nuts and seeds, soup, nut milk, sorbet and sauces.

And here you can see the details of the Optimum G2.1 compared to Vitamix

The classy device comes with the plastic jar and also comes with a nut bag along with a tamper tool, user guide and 104-page recipe booklet. And now it is time for me to begin my cooking spree with the high powered blender.

Another impressive thing that I am impressed off is the soup we blend can be eaten instantly without heating them up again.

And due to the high power, the sound is loud  if you are doing some hi-speed grinding and it would be good not to use it at midnights especially for those who are staying in apartments or condos as it will be slighty too noisy.

And we will be doing some local Malaysian delights with the blender such as Sambal and more. For those who are looking for a better blender, this is indeed a good choice to have where it actually helps a lot in our cooking as well.

Now, you can have them and make your purchase HERE for this great blender

Checkout more about Froothie here too and their facebook page


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    I have been looking for a blender since mine konked out. Haven’t found the time to go shopping. This looks really neat. Thanks for recommending.

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