Nobu @ KLCC Tower 3: Enticing Meal with a View

Dining with a great scenic view, gazing the beautiful night view of the city. It is a marvellous experience, with the sunset with the city view. We are loving the scenic view as it is awesomely beautiful with the city landscape below us. Sitting by the window seat the night at the 56 stories high in Petronas Tower 3 rest assured that this Malaysian outpost of Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s famous Nobu restaurant will not disappoint you for sure.

– The beautiful view-
– The scenic KL tower View-

Since opening back in 2014, Nobu brings you with the Japanese Fine Dining which will definitely give you a memorable meals.

Padron Peppers with Shimeji (RM 28.00)
Kick start your meals with their signature Padron Pepper where it is served together with the Shimeji Mushroom. It s my first time trying this but it is uniquely delicious. The taste is like bell pepper but with the sweet hint but strong chilly taste in it. Not too spicy and it Nobu, they paired them with the shimeji mushroom to balanced the taste up.

Crispy Rice with Tuna (RM 35.00)
Much fun enjoying this, the Crispy Rice with Tuna comes simply good. The square rice cubes are being deep fried till perfection. Love the crispy crust of it and it is being served with the mashed up tuna, scallions and soy sauce. I love how it is done, where the tuna tartare brings you with the taste with the spicy kick to it and it definitely goes well with the rice cubes.

Yellowtail sashimi Jalapeno (RM 70.00)
One of the signature here and being one the best I had. Thinly cut yellow tail with the combination of jalapeño and the ponzu sauce is something worth for every penny you payed. Melts in the mouth sensation with the fragrant hint of the ponzu sauce. Oh my! This is heavenly and is pretty addictive.

Dry Miso Salad (RM 85.00)
It is our first time having spinach salad as we usually have them cooked. It may sound weird of having this but it is just effortless and so tasteful. With the light miso dressing, it bursted with the complete flavour and texture making the dish amazingly good. Sides with delicious pluppy scallops. Being not a vege person, I love them so much.


Black Cod Fish (RM 140.00)
One of the signature dishes in Nobu is their Legendry Black Cod Miso all the way imported from Alaska. Using the sweet Miso Sauce, the fish is well marinated for 3 days and it is then being broiled grilled. The Black Cod Miso comes amazingly good with the flaky meat and the miso is well infused into the fish itself. The skin remains simply crispy and the meat is simply moist and filled with the flavourful miso taste in it.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with creamy spicy sauce (RM 60) 
No extra sauce needed. It is just amazingly good just like that. The taste is just perfectly done where the tempura is simply delicious with the crunchy bites of it. And it also give a light hint of spiciness in it. Love the taste of it.

WAGYU BEEF (80gm) (RM 260)
The premium wagyu is being teppanyaki till perfection, and it comes simply moist and juicy. Every cut of the wagyu beef is amazingly good bringing you with every bites is divinely good and delicious. Oh my this is heavenly!

Of course, being in a Japanese restaurant you also must try their sushi selection. We had a variety of their sushi such as the Chu Toro (RM 70 for 2 ), Unagi (RM 40 for 2 ) and the seabream (RM 40 for 2). Each of the sushi are packed with goodness and each of everything is amazingly good and fresh.

Soft Shell Crab cut roll (RM 50)
The awesomely delicious well rolled perfectly with vinegar rice and nori. Inside, the ingredients complete with the filling of avocado, flying fish roe, asatsuki (chives), and sesame seeds. Finally, the sushi is being wrapped the roll in a single sheet of cucumber, which added fantastic colour, crunch, and flavor to the final roll. The dish is just magnificently delicious with the crispy bites and also the fragrant taste of it.

Strawberry Matcha (RM 26)
Ends your meals with of course their desserts selection. I love their Strawberry Matcha which is simply give me a sweet ends. The sweet and sourish temptation is just awesomely good with the hint of macha with it.

Coffee Jelly (RM 20)
Love some coffee, try their coffee jelly and I will assured that you will be impressed with it. The coffee jelly comes awesomely good with the complete coffee smell in it.

Fruit Pearls (RM 45)
The brilliant desserts which comes with the ychee, guava, mandarin orange, and rock melon “pearls” on top of mango shaved icee. I love how they served the dish and the little pearls where it comes with the pure fruit juice in it. Once bite them, it brings you the “pop” sensation and “burst” sensation in your mouth. The entire desserts brings you with the refreshing taste.

Green Tea Shaved Ice (RM 35.00)
Love some green tea, enjoy the green tea shaved ice where  the shaved ice is complete with the fragrant blend of green tea in it. Sides with azuki beans as well as mocha in it.

Jyunmai Daiginjo Sake (RM 150.00)
One of the “A-list” sake in the world, each grain of rice be milled at least 50% removal and 50% remaining of each grain of rice. It brings you a light and fragrant taste of it making the sake so soothing when drinking it.

 Gin Sake (RM 45)
I am always tempted with this. The drink comes with the Tanqueray Gin, Sake, Elderflower, Fresh Red Grapes, Shiso Leaves and Soda with it. All in one and it brings you with the fragrant hint of fresh red grapes.

Mangosteen Calpico Martini (45.00)
The Mangosteen Calpico Martini, one of the newest cocktails recently. The combination of the Nobu Shochu, Mangosteen Juice Promogrenate Juice, Calpiro with Pandan Syrup. A unique drinks t go for with the hint of sweetness

Matsuhisa Martin (RM 45)
Only available in all Nobu Restaurant only, the Absolut Vodka is well balanced with Hokusetsu Junmai sake, shaken with pickled ginger served straight up & garnished with cucumber. This cocktail comes with the refreshing hint which makes the drink a soothing texture.

Nobu Sochu Dragon (RM 45)
For those who prefer a stronger blend, try their Nobu Sochu Dragon. Comes with the Nobu Shochu, Elderflower Cordial and Dragon Fruit with it.

Nobu is indeed a restaurant that give us not just a sight of the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur but the food is magnificently delicious that worth every penny you payed. And not forgetting, Nobu hospitality is a combination of world-class cuisine and unparalleled service, offering the very best in modern style dining in the heart of KL.

Address: Level 56, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 12- 2 pm ; 6 pm – 10.30 pm
Phone: +60 3-2164 5084
GPS Location:3.1563708,101.7115867



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