Less than a month, Chinese New Year is coming and it is time for Lao Sang this round. Numerous of restaurant had started their lou sang and Tai Thong is one of them. In the year of Monkey, Tai Thong brings you with a variety of promotion which includes set meals, yee sang and also dim sum too.
Golden Fortune Yee Sang (Assorted Fruits & Nuts)(RM 68.80++/half l RM108.80++/full)
The plate of hearty yee sang specially created by the chef comes with dragon fruit, jackfruit, pomegranate, green apple, mandarin oranges, rose, apple red grape, peach, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanut, pistachios, salted almond, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, shredded white ginger, shredded carrot, shredded radish, crispy cracker, yee sang sauce and oil. The dish comes simply appetizing and nice.
Double Boiled Dried Premium Seafood Soup Served in Coconut (RM 48.80++ per bowl) 
The piping hot bowl of soup served in the coconut comes with the abalone slice, conpoy, fish maw, crab stick, mushroom, bamboo pith, village chicken and red dates. The soup comes simply sweet and nutritious too.
Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot (RM 298.90++ for 5 pax / RM 498.80++ for 10 pax)
The huge bowl of the Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot is filled with all the Chinese New Year goodies which includes the Deep fried tiger prawn, deep fried jade perch, cheese baked mussel, stiffed crab stick with fish meat, stuffed squid with chicken meat, shitake mushroom, fresh baby corm, cauliflower, carrot, button mushroom, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage , lotus roots, and also broccoli. The awesomely goodilicious meal that is beautifully served just good for family reunion.
We also had the Claypot Rice with the Chinese Waxed Meat and Edamame which brings us with the moist texture and flavourful taste. Love this. The
Chilled “Nian Gao” with Osmanthus & Sakura (RM 11.80++)
The delicious and yet unique delights which comes with the nian gao in the middle together with the osmanthus tea and sakura flavour. Unique!
This year, Tai Thong also comes with special dim sum in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. Some of the lovely dim sum as well. The dim sums which uses the premium ingredients.
Steamed “Fatt Choy’ Dumplings with Prawns  (RM 8.80++)
We start off with the Steamed “Fatt Choy’ Dumplings with Prawns where the dumpling comes good as it is . With the bouncy prawns , and loads of fatt choy wrapped with the thin har kao skin with it
Steamed Bamboo Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat (RM 10.80++)
Cutely served in a bamboo, the rice is well steamed till perfection with the right temperature and texture. Topped with the waxed meat on top. Nice.
Baked Dried Oyster Tarts (RM 8.80++) 
The oyster tarts comes pretty unique where they had stffed the oyster in it and baked them till golden yellow.
Steamed Triple Delights with Oyster Sauce (RM 9.80++)
The fish paste is being steamed till perfection and topped with 3 different ingredients which are mushroom, oysters and also Fatt Choy. Nice one
Overall, Tai Thong brings us with the great meal for this upcoming CNY. Why not have your table book for this great meal.

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