Yuzen Japanese Restaurant is one of the hidden jewel which is located at Damansara Perdana. The restaurant brings us with the delicious good food where it is lead by Chef Machi who had spent years in Japan learning the culinary skills there.
Taking over the previous restaurant- Mikan; Yuzen Japanese Restaurang bring you with the cozy ambience and a modern contemporary design. With the small sushi bar showcasting some of the live catches, they also have some private rooms. Being a 10 months old restaurant, Yuzen is definite to brings you with all the delicious sushi.
Stated off with the Sashimi Wakame (RM 12) is where the fresh seaweed is marinated with the homemade blend soyu and topped with the fresh cutted octopus. I love the way it is done which brings us with the appetizing taste and every mouthful is sinfully delicious.
Tamago Sushi (RM 6.00)
Well done sushi roll which is topped with the savory mayo sauce on top. Deliciously done.
Crab Meat Chawan Mushi (RM 10.00)
The sweet, smooth and and creamy custard-like chawanmushi is awesomely good. Chef Machi makes them daily with the flavourful stock broth of chicken bones, Japanese leek, cabbage, carrots, ginger, onions and garlic boiled for 6 hours are used to make the base broth for chawanmushi. What’s more is Chef Machi had make additional mile with the topped of fresh crab on top making the chawanmushi much better.

Next is the Salmon which is topped with the citrus pepper and ikura. It brings up the wholesome taste of the moist and fresh salmon with the twist of zestiness in it. Nice!
Surume Ika Teriyaki (RM 18.50)
Well seasoned Japanese Squid which is being grilled till perfection. Served with the Chef Machi’s inhouse homemade squid roe sauce which is made from the squid ink and roe. The squid come simply chewy and addictive too. Being a squid fans, one plate is not enough for me.
Cha Soba (RM 15)
The cold noodles which is served with the quill egg and thinly slice seaweed, wasabi, scallions as well a bowl of soy-based dashi broth with it. Mixed the quill egg together with seaweed and scallions in the broth. Using chopsticks, the diner picks up a small amount of soba from the tray and dips it in the cold tsuyu before eating it. Wasabi and scallions are often mixed into the tsuyu. The cha soba comes simply appetizing and delicious with the slurpy noodles.
Teriyaki Chicken(RM RM13.50)
The chicken is being seep fried to light crispiness and it is topped with the special in house blended teriyaki sauce with it. It has a nice creamy texture and the teriyaki sauce compliments well with the chicken.

Yuzen Japanese Restaurant
LG03, Plaza Emerald North
Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7732 9730

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