Located at the town itself with the beautiful rooftop scenary; it would be fun for the barbecue there. Barbecue Garden had opened its first outlet not long with the leafy outdoor oasis where customer can have their grilled meat and seafood with the scenic view of the KL Tower.
Well greeted when we reach with a smile, and the menu is held to us. The waiter did made some recommendations on the food to order and drinks too which make us felt so homely. The environment is cozy as it is and surrounded by small plants around that made it to be so garden feel.
While waiting for our barbecued dishes to be ready to eat, we had the Young Papaya Salad with Beef Fillet (RM 15). The appetizing salad which comes with the awesome ingredients like the shredded green papaya, carrots and being topped with the crunchy bites of the chopped peanuts on top. The beef fillet is simply completes with the great flavors and the juicy texture with the huge pai tee with it.
A homage to the Vietnamese restaurant heritage the Spring & Pork Roll (RM 4/ roll) is being served with their home made fish sauce. A crunchy and juicy combination texture, the spingroll is such a light side to start off the barbecue delights too.
The beautifully presented dish of the day in Barbecue Garden – The Steamed Prawns with Coconut Juice (RM25.00) is just so beautiful where the prawns are well arranged around the open coconut juice. The prawns is complete with the fragrant blend of coconut concoction in it.
Not to forget my favorite platter :- The marinated chicken is being barbecue till perfection with the calamari rings and bed of fries together. The delicious platter is such a perfect one to munch too where the chicken meat comes moist and juicy, and the calamari brings us with the chewy blend too.
It is time to enjoy the grilled item from Barbecue Garden. They offers a variety platter set to be enjoyed together with your groups of friends or even family. Aside from choosing the ala-carte skewer choices, one can choose for a perfect indulgence with their platter set that range from RM 26 to RM 60; depending on the ingredient you choose.
We get the Platter No 4 which is the Pan Malaysian Platter (RM 55). Comes with 4 variety of ingredients which is the sambal fish fillet, chicken thigh percik, pork rendang, chicken thigh tandoori, vegetables and steamed rice. Grilled in front of your table with the overwhelming flavors had made our tummy hungry. It is a great one where each slices of meat is packed with the fragrant herbs flavors.
Adding to our selection to grilled, we had the grilled pork with rendang marinated (RM 13/100g) . Thinly sliced pork meat with the complete freshness, the pork rendang is superbly good too. Each mouthful is sinfully good and packed with the moist meat texture.
Brave enough? Try their Jumbo Grilled Crocodile Skewer with Secret Spicy Rub (RM 29/skewer). The long skews of the crocodile meat is being served with cherry tomatoes , and also spring onions together. The meat comes slightly greesy to me.
Not to forget, the recommended dish by the chef includes the cheese and Bacon Skewers (RM 8). The texture comes extremely soft and tender with a pleasant crunch to each bites. The onions is wrapped with the bacon with the cheese in the middle. When it is being barbecued, the ooziness of the creamy cheese itself complete the flavorful taste to the cheese and bacon skewers.
Not to forget their new item to go for. The Pork satay which is well marinated with loads of herbs in it. The skewer of satay is deliciously done with the complete moist and each much is just devine. Do enjoy them with a dipped of their homemade sauce for better flavors.
Need some rice? Barbecue Garden recommending their garlic rice and it doesn’t disappoint me though. The stir fried garlic rice boost the complete aromatic garlic flavors is just perfect to be enjoyed

We ended with some green veges to accompany our heavy meal.

Overall, Barbecue Garden gives us a flexibility in barbecuing with the scenic view.Not only that, no more cleaning and marinating to be done, and in here, you will be assured that food is well prepared and well marinated till perfection before it is served. What I love? I can save all my cleaning of equipment, finding places to have the barbecued and marination. All is complete with hassle free here at Barbecue Garden.

Barbecue Garden Malaysia
Level 3 Rooftop, Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Daily, 11am-2pm, 5pm-midnight. Tel: 03-2181-8226


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