Lobster Bay Dim Sum & Hot Pot had just opened around 2 weeks at the famous food court located off Old Klang Road. We are being invited for a review on their Steamboat buffet for this round. We entered the restaurant which is well maintained and it is clean as well as the tables are well furnished.

We held to the food corner where all the food are well kept in closed and hygienic which is a plus to me as I found hygienic is the most important in any of food handling. The restaurant had a large variety of food which is being served.

– The Variety of Fishballs available in their buffet spread-
– They do have the cutie little fishballs choices too –

Started off with the steamboat items, they have a variety of fishballs which you can find in their freezer. There are 4 big freezers there to cater for the varieties of steamboat delights inside. Meatballs, fish balls, sotong balls, and more assortment is found inside too.

– More Choices on the spread: Crabstick, Taufu Fishball and Toufu Pok-
– They have a variety of fried items, quill eggs, and deep fried tofu –
– Some Greenies for the Spread of Buffet is available: Tomatos, Cucumber & Corns-

Not only that, if you love to have more assortment of food like the taufu pok, sausages, crab stick, crab meat and other of the steamboat items is at their variety of assortment. The variety is so plentiful which I do not know which to have as well.

– Seafood: Squids, Clams, and Bamboo Clams-

Next in line is their seafood spread. Their seafood spread includes crabs, scallops, prawns, seashells, squids, and more. Not only that, the seafood which is being prepared are fresh.

– The cooked items available in buffet spread: Stir fried Vege, Curries, & Fried Chicken-
– Deep Fried Prawn, Butter Fish & Deep fried Fish –

When you are waiting for your soup to get hot, you may also enjoy a variety of cooked item buffet as well. There are a variety of the items which you can grab at the buffet spread like fried chicken, fried noodles, stir fried vegetables, fried sotong, curries and even more. It is indeed a large variety of the buffet items where they have about 18 choices and selection in their buffet spread.

– Here comes the items we took in the spread includes the scrumptious Miso Soup and Tomyam Soup-

– Our boiling Miso Soup and Tomyam Soup steamboat-

And they have two selection of soup to have which is the Miso soup as well as Tomyam soup. What I love the most is they are not using the gas tank for the steamboat but they are using the electrical stove instead. It is indeed a clean and safe way of getting my steamboat now.

What is their speciality of the buffet item is their Lobster fried rice which you can get a try on it in the buffet spread.

Not only that, they have a selection of sharkfin soup and tomyam soup as well in their buffet spread.

Dim Sums are also available in the buffet too.

You can also get a dine of the delectable bbq and fried items in the buffet spread where they have a variety of items where the staff can help to do the bbq-ing for you too

Next in line, if you love to have vege, they do have a variety of veges in the spread. You can have the variety of noodles in the buffet too which they have bihun, yee mee, normal noodles, maggi noodles and more too choose.

The sauces to accompanied in the steamboat are also plentiful to choose too. They have a variety of chilly sauces, sambals, and more to choose in the spread.

After a heavy meal, you may get to try their home-made chocolate fundae too which is made from their own recipes which is really lovely and delighting. Dip with some mashmellow to savour the delighting spread too.

– The Petite little Tarts –

If you plan, for some desserts, they have pasteries too like small petite fruit tarts, jellies as well as chocolates pasteries available in their buffet.

Drinks – available in cold and hot where they have own- brewed coffee as well as sugarcane, soya and more.

I am now completing my meals with the selection ice creams to end the meal.The soft texture of the ice creams is never complete for a sweet tooth like me.

Price: RM 23.88 (NETT) ( Promotion Price) / RM 28.90 ( Normal Price)

Lot 31208, Jalan Awan Makmur,
Taman OUG Square
( inside Kuchai Lama Food Court) ,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: 017-357 6168
Opening Time: 6 pm- 1am

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