Where I put my membership cards? I always have problems when I am paying and getting out pieces of loyalty card for more discounts. Now I have to seperate my wallets to 2 where one is to store those loyalty cards in it and I have thick wallets. Well, not thick of cash unfortunately, but just too many loyalty cards, membership cards and vouchers in it. And then, many of us are smartphone users too. Imagine taking all these loyalty cards and vouchers and putting it into your smartphone and I found them with Chop Chop which had helps to reduce the thickness of my thick wallet which is full of membership cards
A merchant’s loyalty chop card in the ChopChop app and the loyalty cards stored safely 
in the ChopChop app


ChopChop, a Malaysian startup, is helping businesses and consumers to digitalise this onto your smartphone through their  mobile app. For consumers, they help to take your loyalty chop cards (ie. Buy 10 free 1 cards) and keep it in your smartphone – safe and sound. In this modern time, we tend to have our smartphones around more than our wallet. So when you visit your favourite business next, you are sure to have your loyalty chop cards in your phone and not missed out anymore on your chops or reward instead of losing it, leaving it at home, dog ate it etc. Oh, go green too by the way.

If you lose your wallet, you lose all your loyalty reward. Using ChopChop, even if you lose your smartphone, you still will be able to get back all your cards.You sign up with an email or log in with Facebook in the ChopChop app, so your cards are tied to this registered account. Get a new smartphone, sign in with the same account and you will see all your rewards there.
Remember how your paper chop card went expired and your reward became invalid? Painful lost. ChopChop will send you reminders telling you that your cards are approaching expiry, giving you the time to go complete your card and redeem the free item.
Some of the brands reviewed by Malaysian Foodie before that are on ChopChop: Mojo Cafe (Jaya One), Henry Cook (SSTwo Mall), Vietnam House (1 Utama ) and more.Also using this app, if you aren’t sure where to eat, you can see which ChopChop merchants are around you and visit them.
If you haven’t got the app, sign up now with ChopChop here and stand a chance to win RM50 by using the code MFOODIE. Upon signing up, an email will be sent to you on getting the app. It’s a FREE mobile app! FREE!
For business owners
Any businesses can use ChopChop like car wash, pet store, spa etc – not just F&B. ChopChop makes it easy for you to launch your own loyalty programme. 1-2 days is all it takes to set up your loyalty programme with ChopChop. No more headache on designing, printing and managing all these cards. Besides, if you have vouchers or prepaid cards running, ChopChop can help to digitalise these too
Facebook sharing by customers
You will be able to understand your customer data and profile better using ChopChop’s analytics. ChopChop also serves as a marketing platform. You give your customer paper chop card, they keep in their wallet or lose it and no more brand exposure for you. Aside, what is so good with Chop Chop is Environmental Friendly and we can go GREEN with Chop Chop with all the digital card. With ChopChop, customers can share on Facebook when they receive chop or redeem their reward, telling their network of your business.

Interested to explore ChopChop further for your business? Sign up here and key in the promotional code MFOODIE to get a 3-months FREE trial with a minimal setup fee!

Do your loyalty cards a favour. Save them with the ChopChop app.

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