Henry Cook is located at the SS2 Mall and the outlet is named by the owner’s dad, Chef Henry Teo who has 2 successful outlet which is the Instanbul Gourment. The chef is one of the top chef’s at Singapore’s Hyatt Hotel and famed for his ice sculpture. As so, his son had also brings their family recipe to Malaysia SS2 Mall last December. The restaurant serves a variety of cuisine like Asian Fusion, Baba Nyonya and Turkish food.

The restaurant is easily being spotted in SS2 Mallyou can see it from the door to the outside of the Mall. With the big and bright red colour of the signboard, I believe it is simply easy to be spotted. Henry Cook features a blend of influences from Peranakan and Western food, which reflects its founder, Chef Henry Teo’s strong Baba culture. Known for being wholesome and unique with various herbs and spices used, their food is rich in nutrient and anti-oxidants and is wonderfully authentic, with recipes passed down from Chef Henry’s family.

We are being served with their signature meal which is the Henry Cook Laksa. The Nyonya style laksa is served with the brooth which is thick and creamy. I just loved the Tagline “No One Leaves Henry Cook Without trying Our Legendary Nyonya Laksa” is simply no regrets for us to try it but leaves me with a miss and wanted for more too. The portion is indeed value for money as it kinda a big one too and it served with the toppings of bean sprouts, sliced bean curd, hard boiled egg, kebab chicken, laksa leaves and sambal chilli.
Without Egg- RM6.90
With Egg- RM7.90

Most of the mains are having the options to be served with the yellow fragrant rice or baked herbs potatoes.

Beef Stew

Another view

We also are being served with Beef Stew. The portion comes with the big chunks of beef, carrots, tomatoes and grean beans and it is served in a small little pot. Topped with the crisp lettuce and mixed salad to fill up th tummy and having some greenie together with it.
With Yellow Fragrant Rice -RM18.00,
With Baked Herb Potatoes – RM19.00

Next will be the Beef Bomb where the 12 oz of minced beef is being stuffed with hard boiled egg and topped with the black pepper sauce when it is being served. The patty is simply juicy and the whole meal is delicious.
With Yellow Fragrant Rice -RM18.00,
With Baked Herb Potatoes – RM19.00

For Fish Lover, you may tried their Crispy Fish Batter where the dory fish is being deep fried till golden brown and served with the Sambal, lime, Signature Power Chilli, mixed salad and a choice of pototoes/yellow fragrant rice on the side. It is kinda attractive to me as most restaurants will provide tartar sauce but in Henry Cook, we are served with their sambal instead. It is indeed a new great experience to me to have fish and chips with the sambal.
What I love the most is the dory fish is well battered where it does not taste like the normal dory fish which is slightly sticky one.
With Yellow Fragrant Rice – RM16.00,
With Baked Herb Potatoes- RM17.00

The rice special is the next item being served. The big portion of meal indeed for this where the roasted chicken kebab is being served with the yellow fragrant rice and the mixed salad together with it.
Price: RM 11.00

Any will be the Potato Special which is where the dish is served with the roasted chicken kebab, bake herb potatoes, and mixed salad comes together in a plate. The portion of it is simply a big one which can fill up the tummy too.
Price: RM 12.00

We ended with the last main course which is the stuffed chicken roll. The stuffed chicken roll is another item which is the award winning dish in Food Asia. This is where the tender stuffed whole chicken thigh is being marinated with the chef secret recipe and it is being ovened till perfection before it is being served. It is then topped with the Henru Cook’s Signature Dressing and Brown Sauce and served with the Crisp Lettuce and Mized Salad with it.
The chicken thigh was tender and juicy which turns to be my favorites too.
RM15.60 (with yellow fragrant rice)
RM16.50 (with baked herb potatoes)

Ending our meals with the sweet bites which is kinda special. The ended with the Mango Float Cake which taste like a cake but it is serve d with the richer and thicker texture. Ut is also a like ice cream and you can taste the sweet mango between the cake too.
Price: NIL

Henry Cook
LG-54, Lower Ground Floor,
SSTwo Mall, Jalan SS2/72,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact : 03-79541125


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    step in henry cook with family,foods are delicious especially chicken roll and beef bomb,size of beef bomb bigger than i expected ..its really a good place for dinner with family..

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