Vietnam House is one of the place where you can find the authentic Vietnamese Cuisines and Culture here. Vietnam House is indeed a great place located at the Old wing of the malls and it is just the same level as the Popular Book Store. The restaurant is beautiful design of the Vietnamese Fare and it also give a great ambience overall.

– The Vietnam House Appetizer Platter-

– The Angry Baby Birds-

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls-

Shredded Mango with Shrimp.-

We started of with the Vietnam House Appetizer Platter which is served with Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (yolk quail egg), Angry Baby Birds (quail egg wrapped in seafood paste & deep fried till golden brown), Net Spring Rolls, Crispy Water Spinach and  Shredded Mango with Shrimp. The portion was a big one to share and each of it will have its own sauce to dip together. I am just love the Angry Baby Birds, which is very cute and it is having the seafood paste which is flavourful with it. The platter was plentiful and each of the small little appetizers in it is really tasty.

Price: RM 29.90

For Beef lover, you would be a definite to try the Special Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. The noodles Pho’ is their home-made Vietnamese Noodles which is very smooth in it texture and it is topped with the juicy and bouncy beef balls with it. The dish is very appetizing with the flavourful soup which is served together. It is served together with the basil, lemon, bean sprout and fresh chilli to make the overall taste even delighting.

Price: RM 13.90


We are also being served with the Vietnam House Special XL Bamboo Fried Rice. The fried rice is being stir fried and it is then being served in the bamboo. The ingredients includes prawns as well as the quail egg makes the rice even perfect. I found the rice is slightly greasy as well.

Price: RM 29.90


Grilled Skewed Chicken in Bamboo Tube is simply good and delicious. The chicken meat is tender and juicy. The taste of the Grilled Skewed Chicken is bringing us with a light spiciness due to the peppercorn which is being added to it.

Price: N/A


Braised Chicken in Fresh Coconut Juice with Egg served in Claypot is the next dish which is being served. This is where the chicken is being cut into pieces and it is then being braised with the coconut juice with the Vietnamese Style of Cooking. The soup is very filling with the thick coconut juice with it.

Price: RM 16.90


We ended with the Deep Fried Seabass (whole fish) with Spicy Assam Sauce. The sea-bass which is being served is fresh and it is well deep fried till crispiness on the fish itself. The taste overall is very good with the light spiciness with it.

Price: RM44.90


Famous Vietnam Drip Coffee (hot/cold)

Price: RM6.90

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Vietnam House
Lot S122,

2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,

Bandar Utama ,

47800 Petaling Jaya,


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