Wat Tan hoe and Hokkien Mee @ Rest Ah Chay, Setapak

Was in Setapak to find my friends for some insurance policies and this shop is recommended by her on the nice food there. Ah Chay Restaurant which is located around the corner. As I am so hungry, without hesitation, I ordered te Wat Tan Hoe while dear ordered the Hokkien Mee of KL Style which is the Tai Lok Mee.

Here comes the Wat Tan Hoe, the taste wise is not bad.. just a bit starchy.. and the hor fan is bit sticky. All over is ok lo

As for dear, the tai lok mee ( Hokkien Mee) taste not bad. It is quite blacky.. and nice. Overall is still ok.

Taste: 3/5 for both
Price: RM 12

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