Quarter Chicken with Gravy & Turkey Meat Pasta @ Dave Deli, 1-Utama

This time, we venture for western and we ended up in Dave Deli Restaurant in 1-Utama which it has the promo of 30% discount for all meals. So, we went to have a try in this restaurant which I had not been in for years.

With dear, we ordered 2 sets of meal. One is my favorite which is the quarter chicken with Gravy. The chicken is a roasted chicken similar to Kenny Rogers but it just the sauce is different as well as the gravy is only one choice comparing to Kenny Rogers with you can find black pepper or normal sauce. The sauce is different taste of comparing all I can said is the meal is totally different.

As for this meal it has 2 sidelines for me to choose which one is the munched potato and another is coleslaw. Overall I can say the taste is nice still after years I din take them

As for dear, he ordered the turkey meat pasta which is a bit salty. Overall I can say the meal is not bad. The pasta is simply nice and has a lot of cheese on it.. So, it is more than a cheesy kind of pasta … and the turkey is nice as well.

Quarter Chicken with Gravy: 4/5
Turkey Meat Pasta:2/5

Address: Dave Deli, 1-Utama
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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