Kopi Club@ Low Yatt, KL

Kopi Club which is located in Low Yatt has its differences and temptation of food of Malaysia.. which it can be said that it covers the style of meals in Malaysia. We went there past Saturday…and the small shop serves a varities of Malay food like tomyam and more but we manage to get a style of having our traditional Malaysian old uncle style of breakfast which is the roti bakar kaya and teh tarik which is famous among the Malaysian.

What we ordered is a set of Roti Kaya Butter Bakar which was simply delighting and nice as well. The roti bakar are well toasted and it swipe with the butter as well as kaya on top for more delighting flavors. I ordered the Kopi Peng ( which is the ice coffee ) is also simply delighting as well

As for dear, he ordered another choice of local Malaysia style of Lemon tea which named as Iced Honey Lemon which is not bad in taste and it is very sour. Overall I can say it can be another place for gathering and chats … besides the Ipoh Old Town.

Roti Bakar Kaya Butter: 4/5
Kopi Ping: 3/5
Ice Honey Lemon:3/5

Roti Bakar Kaya Butter: RM 2.20
Kopi Ping: RM 3.30
Ice Honey Lemon: RM 4.80
* price will be added with additional of 5% service charge

LG-8, Plaza Low Yat,
off Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

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