Mc Donalds Prosperity Burger is back

At last the prosperity festival is back again with the prosperity burger of the year which many people awaits for its upcoming burger but there is no chicken yet.. so carol is trying dem again for the year.. hahaha.. if u haven makan dem.. u can grab it right now..

This prosperity burger is nothing special except it has lots of black pepper on it which make it oishi lol. and is now having a new packing which is packing with the aluminium foil but not in the boxz type

Here comes the oishi Prosperity Burger that carol take.. oishi des ka..?? looks oishi aren’t they.. hahaha.. and u can have dem only in Chinese new Year Season lo.. hahaha… so grab a bite of it.. and it comes with the oishi fries – the curly fries.. and a prosperity drink..
Get prosperity in Mc Donalds now….

Taste: 3/5


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