The Porki Society @ Sea Park : Extraordinary Thai Kitchen

The Porki Society a place for pork lover. Located at Seapark, they focuses on boat noodles but recently they has expended their menu with more selection of food..

Being the name as it is, they have a nice decoration where you can find the old school table and chairs. The tables comes with myriad colours which is simply eye –catching and Instagram-friendly

Signature Noodles (RM 1.90 each)

Served in small bowls ; the boat noodles comes with four choices where they have the Soup Thai Noodles, Soup Mee Hoon, Dry Thai Noodles and also the Dry Mee Hoon. The delicious noodles comes with sweet –savoury broth. It is easily to have at least 10 bowls with this.

Porki Platter (RM 43.90) 

If you love skewers, why not grab this best seller and popular dish. Enjoy the delicious BBQ Porki Skewer, BBQ Thai Sausage, BBQ  Thai Pork Balls all in one. We love how the porki skewer is done where the meat comes simply juicy and tender. Awesomely good. The platter is huge for one, good for sharing though!


Tomyum Seafood Soup (RM 12.90)

Enjoy the spici-licious seafood tomyam soup which brings you with a kick of spiciness in it. Enjoy this awesome soup where it is infused with those spices and fresh seafood ingredients with it.


Porki Signature Fried Rice (RM 12.90)

Enjoy the amazingly delicious porki delights where the delicious. Enjoy this awesomelious products that will definite tempt you till the fullest. The fried rice is fragrantly done and each comes simply flavourful.


Som Thum (RM 5.90)  

Enjoy this spicy sensation with the burst of spiciness in your mouth. This is just good and just love to have it this way where they are indeed impressively delicious and appetizing.


Piggy Bomb (RM 9.90) 

The pork balls  with the quill egg in it. Burst in your mouth the blend of light creaminess from the hard yolk from the quill egg. It makes a perfect combination.


Fried Pork Belly (RM 10.90)
Water Chestnut & Coconut Custard ( Ta Koh) (RM 4.90) 
 Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (RM 5.90)
Red Ruby with Coconut Milk (RM 6.90)

Enjoy the variety of Thai desserts here.. Have their red ruby with coconut milk (RM 6.90) , Water Chestnut & Coconut Custard ( Ta Koh) (RM 4.90) and the Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (RM 5.90). It is just perfect after a good wholesome meal.

Address: No. 10, Jalan 21/19, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: Open Daily · 12–10PM
Phone: +60 3-7865 5241
GPS Location : 3.109054,101.622525

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