Ruyi & Lyn @ Bangsar Shopping Centre: Unique Delicious Dishes !

Ruyi & Lyn is sometimes called a speakeasy, a lounge, a bar, a restaurant.  And the restaurant is located in Bangsar Shopping Centre spanning 22,000 sq ft, this latest entrant in KL’s wine, dine and party scene is huge, to say the least.  It is a modern spin-off of the traditional banquet restaurant, Ruyi & Lyn fuses lounge, bar and restaurant into a hip and sexy space, thanks to the urbane sensibilities of its creator.

Lyn Siew, the mastermind and Executive Director of Ruyi & Lyn, wanted to showcase something unique and creative, something that the food scene has never seen before. And most of us will know that Ruyi & Lyn is one of the places where it is intagram worthy and RUYI & LYN had created quite a buzz on social media over its sumptuous and Instagram-worthy signature dishes.

Ruyi’s Sushi (RM43) 
This is one of the exquisite platter all over social media and this sushi comes with six sushi-sized local flavours. The 3 type’s sushis includes Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Mango Sticky Rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice comes with the fragrant slightly-oily rice, tender succulent boneless chicken where it topped with dallops of authentic chili and ginger dips.

Nasi Lemak is another of my favorites where it comes with the little small quail eggs, peanuts, sambal and tiny anchovies. Nicely done!

Mango Sticky Rice is another signature to go. I love this too where it was topped off with fragrant coconut milk. It is just a perfect temptations to end the sushi set.

Taizi’s Dish (RM 98)
The awesomely delicious dish to go for. The pan-seared foie gras completes with the mouthwatering caramelized watermelon. The foie gras was perfectly done and every mouthful is just so perfect where it aromatic foie gras is so good and well match with the caramelized juicy watermelon.

Ruyi’s Chicken Chop (RM 33)
This is divinely delicious and the chicken comes amazingly tender and juicy. Served with the fresh vegetable cuts in strips coated with flour and deep fried till perfection. Sides with the cute mash potatos at the side. This is divinely good and we wipped the dish in minutes.

Crab Curry Fried Rice (RM 58)
Enjoy the awesomely delicious double thumbs up for the crab curry fried rice. With the combination of the glutinous rice and normal in it, topped with the creamy curry is just fabulous. Every mouthful is simply aromatic and it is so heavenly where we just swipe out the whole dish. Advisable for sharing as the portion is pretty huge.

Summer Breeze (RM26), a crazy-looking dessert of neon green cucumber sorbet shavings that’s piled like snow atop some coconut ice cream and a disc of tangy yoghurt. It’s so invigorating and delicious you’re tempted to go for seconds – even though you’re never a fan of desserts.

Ruyi & Lyn
Level 4, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: +603-2083-0288
Lounge, noon-1am (Sunday to Wednesday), noon-2am (Thursday, Friday & Saturday);
Restaurant, lunch: noon-2.30pm, dinner: 6pm-11pm


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    The presentation of the sushi is so unique and meticulous. This somehow reminds me of a video whereby future Japanese surgeons are trained to make really tiny sushi to test their skills.

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