Back by popular demand, the Spicy Siam Roaster which captured Malaysians’ palate last year is back to tantalize your taste buds and to appreciate all Kedai Ayamas customers. Kedai Ayamas has recently re-launched their unforgettable Spicy Siam Roaster with the tagline ‘An exquisite taste of Thai’ – Kedai Ayamas’ widely popular and loved tender juicy roast chicken marinated in a special blend of Thai sauces.

The Thai sauce consists of fresh garlic, lemongrass, Chinese parsley, chilli padi, and an exotic blend of aromatic Thai herbs and spices. The sauce serves as a marinade for the chicken, as well as a glaze when the roast chicken is done, giving it an extra umph!
“Kedai Ayamas’ Spicy Siam Roaster is a unique product that allows customers to experience the intense flavors of Thailand. It appeals to those who are always on the lookout for something new and exciting as well as those who love the wonderful taste of Thai spices,” said Hishamuddin Hamidon, General Manager, Kedai Ayamas.

“We are confident that this comeback will be a hit among our customers for its unique taste,” he added.

For Ala’ Carte, the Spicy Siam Roaster is available at a price of RM28.90 for a whole roaster. Half bird at RM18.90, while a quarter bird sells at RM10.90. The Spicy Siam Roaster is also available in combo sets. Set A comprises of 1/4 Roaster with Chicken Rice selling at RM11.70. Set 1 at RM31.90, and Set 2 at RM19.90.

The Super-Duper Deal 1 features two Whole Roasters (Spicy Siam + Golden/Pepper/Percik) all for RM48.00 (Saves RM8.75). Super-Duper Deal 2 offers two Whole Roasters (Spicy Siam + two 1.5 L F&N drink and an F&N mug) all for the price of RM32.90 (Saves RM7.38). In addition, Kedai Ayamas is also introducing its new special packaging that is safe, modern, durable, collectable and usable.

The advertising and promotion for Kedai Ayamas’ Spicy Siam Roaster includes in store marketing materials, neighbourhood leaflet drop, and online/social media for a wider reach to customers.
Kedai Ayamas Spicy Siam Roaster is now available at all Kedai Ayamas restaurants in the country for a limited duration of 63 days, while stocks last, starting from 1st April 2014 till 2nd June 2014. For more details about Kedai Ayamas, visit or logon to Ayamas Roasters Facebook Page.

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