Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant had been one of the famous Vegetarian restaurant where it is located atop a moutain ledge offering the magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and it is the only one vegetarian restaurant in Genting Highlands. Being the success of their outlet in Genting, they had opened their second outlet which is located at the SS2 Chow Yang Area. Located just a few blocks away from the Kayu Coffeeshop, the restaurant brings us with a decent dining with impressive vegetarian menu for those who are vegetarian during the Chinese New Year or even local days.

Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant is not just bringing the vegetarian cuisine which is more to the healthy and nutritious menu where their food brings us with the healthier version of vegetarian delights.

鱼生 Healthy Abalone Yee Shang (RM38(小)/RM48(大))which is where the Yee Sang comes with the variety of condiments which includes the White King Oyster Mushroom replacing the Abalone, shredded carrots, purple cabbage, mengkuang, shredded green papaya, shredded dried yam, shredded ginger as well as pomelo with it. Served together with plum sauce together with it, The healthy Abalone Yee Shang not only just tossed for prosperity but the chef do explains each ingredients which is added into the yee sang have some condiments to nutrients which includes Vitamin A and Calcium which is from the purple cabbage itself. The taste of the yee sang is pretty refreshing where the ingredients are fresh.

After the refreshing salad, we move to a dining with the Vegetarian Style of Shark Fin with Crab Meat – 蟹皇鱼翅 (RM38.80). The bowl of vegetarian shark fin soup is indeed a nutritious one. Added with the enoki mushroom, carrot, taufu, Dong Quai ( Female Ginseng) and also Pak Chan. The nutritious soup which is warm, with a bit of bitter flavours from the Dong Quai and Pak Chan with it is amazingly good and delicious. It is just like having the real sharkfin soup.


Next is the Abalone Mushroom with Creamy Sauce生奶金片(RM18.80(小)/RM32.80(大)) .Using the fresh abalone mushroom cut and seasoned them, it is then being stir fried with the vegetarian margarine to enhance the flavors. The mushroom brings us with the crispy texture and the flavorful bites.


Next, we had Black Mushroom with Broccoli花菇兰花 (RM18.80(小)/RM32.80(大)). Nothing to shout about on the dish as this is one of the dishes which is served during Chinese New Year. Stir fried with the fresh huge mushroom which is chewy and the greenie broccoli too.

Tian Qi Chai田七菜(RM18.80(小)/RM28.80(大))is a tonic of the blood and it is good to promote physical strength, improve functions of the heart and regulate blood pressure. Healthy people can also consume this herb regularly for prevention of coronary heart diseases and to maintain general health. It’s texture is smooth and silky where lots of people does not really like the texture of the vegetables. In here, the dish is prepare with just stir fried.

Curry Mix Vege (咖喱杂菜) (RM18.80(小)/RM28.80(大)) is one of the signature item here. Combination of vegetables like white cabbage, lady fingers and other vegetables is cooked together with the curry paste and evaporated milk. Instead of santan, they choose evaporated milk as it is healthier. The curry isn’t too spicy and it is just good to have it with rice.



Xiang Chun Beancurd (香春豆腐) (RM18.80(小)/RM28.80(大))is another specialty in Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant. The beancurd is soft in the inside and it is being deep fried till perfection. Served with the tempting sauce, it is indeed really a good combination

Not to forget, we had the 黄庭素酱焗鲜菇 Wong Family Sauce Baked Mushroom (RM18.80(小)/RM32.80(大)). Using their secret recipe, the dish is one of the recomendation from the restaurant. The huge mushroom with the appetizing sauce is nice and appetizing.

We also had the Xiang Chu Fried Rice (香春炒饭) (RM12.80). The fried rice which comes from the parboiled rice which is believe to be more healthier. Well stir fried, it is simply delicious and appetizing to end our meal.

Chin Swee Food Sdn Bhd
No. 56, Jalan SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya
(Same row with Original Kayu Nasi Kandar)

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