Shanghai Mooncake JW Mariott

Mooncake Festival is always my favorite time as there is so many new upcoming mooncakes to try on during this festival. This year, the premier Chinese Restaurant – Shanghai Restaurant at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur presents us with the luscious mooncake from 13 August 2013 till 19 September 2013.

This year, Shanghai restaurant comes out with a variety of mooncakes which includes the baked roasted chicken (RM11.00), deep fried yam paste (RM9.00), baked white lotus paste (RM9.50), snow skin with white lotus paste and single yolk (RM9.50), pandan flavoured snow skin with pineapple paste (RM9.50) and baked black sesame.The handmade mooncake are handmade and it is recommended to best consumed within 5 days upon purchased.

The packaging from Shanghai Restaurant, JW Mariott 2013

Not only that, Since quality is one of the key points in Shanghai Mooncake, they do have they have their own lotus paste with white lotus sourced from Hong Kong. It is just as good as it is which I am completely falling in love with it where the lotus paste fragrance are will paired with the salted egg yolk where there is some light saltiness from the egg yolk itself. Not only that, the mooncake is available in petite size and there is no worries you could not finish them up and you can buy more flavors too.

Cut Mooncake Shanghai JW Mariott

Among all the, I falling in love with the pandan flavoured snow skin with pineapple paste which is fresh and the flavor is sinfully an addiction, It is just melts in the mouth with the smooth and soft bites and have the tanginess of the pineapple within it.

As for Jerry, he prefer the baked roasted chicken mooncake which gives a savory taste. The boost of the flavors and aroma from the roasted chicken and the touch of sweetness from the winter melon is heavenly which we could not resist to have more.

Shanghai Restaurant,
First Floor,
JW Marriott KL,
183 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2782 9033
Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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