Editor Picks: 10 Heavenly Sarawakian Foods You Must Try in Central Sarawak!

After my 4 days 3 nights trip in Central of Sarawak, we had enjoyed so much of the local delicacies of Sibu, Mukah and also Sarikei. And for those who are well verse with Sarawak, they comes with a wide variety of unique food you MUST try when you are there. Hereby , we had listed 10 things to enjoy in Central of Sarawak.

1) Red Wine Mee Suah
The red wine mee suah is originated from FuZhou and this one dish meal comes with loads of ginger, and rice wine. Topped with egg, longetivity noodles and egg with it. According to the owner, the red wine mee suah is being taken during confinement by the locals here and they served them to friends and family during baby full moon as well. Comparable to the West Malaysia, the Sarawak Red Wine Mee Suah comes with the clearer red wine soup and the taste is more mild.
Price: RM 6.00
Where to Have it?
Mr Uncle Bakery
Address: 15, Lorong Pahlawan 7e, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Phone: +60 19-817 1076

2) Kampua noodles

Kampua Noodles is one of a MUST to have when you are in Sibu. It is easily find in most coffee shop in Sibu and everyone have their own preference of kampua noodles. Have them plain or have them with charsiew  or not. Comparable to Kolo Noodles, Kampua Noodles specialies from Sibu and Kolo Noodles is from Kuching. Asides,the kampua noodles are much thicker comepared to the traditional mee kia but thinner than the mee pok. And in Sibu, kampua noodles is filled wth loads of shallots and other condiets. The noodles textures comes smooth and soft compared to the kolo me.
Price: RM 3.00
Where to Have it?
Bosco Cafe
Address: NO. 9, G/F, JLN RAKYAT, 96000 SIBU

3) Big Head Prawn Noodles

Big Head Prawn Noodles is one of the signature  in Sibu too. The big head prawn noodles where they are being cook with the thicker Fu chow noodles and light spicy brooth. The prawns are sliced half with the complete sweetness flavours. The big head prawns comes pretty huge and fresh.
Price: RM 38.00
Where to Have it?
Bosco Cafe
Address: NO. 9, G/F, JLN RAKYAT, 96000 SIBU

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  • I really miss my hometown food while living in Kl. I 've been living in KL for 12 years but i always feel excited like a kid when coming home because of the food. i cannot replace the taste with all the food in Semenanjung. Probably the taste already blended in my gene. There are lot more to try (some of my fave):
    1. nasi goreng dabai, Can eat the buah dabai alone.
    2. ikan terubok masin
    3. laksa sarawak / kolo mee - a must have after touchdown. ;)
    4. mi goreng crispy with tomato gravy
    5. local dessert (kuih tradisi) - celorot, kuih rangin, pugang (lemang w/o santan), hati pari,
    6. local cucumber leaves - fry alone or mix with baby corn. It tastes sweet
    7. fairlady - special drink only can be found in kuching.
    8. kueh chap - its a black soupy noodle, non halal because use pork
    9. umai jellyfish - preparation same as the umai ikan
    10. mee jawa (almost like mee rebus in johor)

    Most of these food can be found in kuching. Please try if visit kuching.

  • they all look so yum! My top pick when I visit would be red wine mee suah, kek lapis and midin ^^ all also have not tried before !! ^^

  • Thanks for this great list! I've been to Sarawak only a couple of times and have eaten a number of these dishes but not all of them. This list certainly comes in handy for my next trip to Sarawak!

  • Thanks for compiling all the top 10 food must try in Sarawak! Haven't been to there before =) Seeing all the food makes me feel hungry!

  • I can't wait for my trip back to Sarawak, probably next year... I want to try all the food also...

  • So many dishes I've never seen! Tumpik Special and the cooked food in bamboo seem interesting. I've tried Midin, I think it's available some Malay gerais.

  • I love Umai sooo mucn..and kampua noodle.. did u try mee kolok? it delicous too.. sometimes i dont know how to differ kampua and kolok.

    nasi lalapan also taste gooddd

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