Cruise with Surprises with Hwajing Travel & Tours

I could not afford 60 days round the world but I could bring the best and memorable trip for my love one. Thanks to Hwajing Travels & Tours. Booked a trip with Hwajing Travel & Tours ; and you will get an exclusive hi-tea  to enjoy like queen and king.

Like many ships, they usually brings you only with a stay and eat all you can buffet but Hwajing Travels & Tours makes the trip even more unique providing services to their clients / customer a memorable cruise.

The journey in the ship this round is complete with a hi-tea to remember of your lifetime. But whats make a journey even special with a great experience of enjoying your hi-tea served by the steward attendant clad in the traditional  steward outfit , with white gloves and napkins.

Greeted with a light bow by the steward made myself a VIP treatment and we are headed to our seats. Overlooking the blue sea with the blue sky. The experience is just heavenly and I am just love how am I being pampered.

The journey started with all this good food served in the 3 tier afternoon tea. Starting from the entry, we are served with some savoury delights where you can find the prawn fritters, savory quiche, and the baked mushroom mini pie. We are all falling in love with the prawn fritters where they are crunchy good and addictive. Nicely done!

Next layered will be the Horsd’oeubre where it brings you more of the savoury kind of food. We are pampered with all the lovely petite delights which includes the Mini Ratatouille on Tart, Smoked Salmon on Brioche, Aloo Vada on Prata Bread, Smoked Duck on Mini Baguette, Camembert Cheese on Rye Roll, Tuna Mousse on Croissant Roll, and also the Spiced Squid with Caramelized Onion. Each items are perfectly selected and we are impressed each of the item being served. They are indeed delicious and good. The pastry chef indeed had made a good job in doing it. Most of us are indeed falling in love with it.

As for the sweet temptations, there is cupcakes, fruit tarts, red velvet, cheese cake, crème brulee, rainbow macaroon, English fruitcake and also Scones with Jam Marmalade.  I am perfectly falling in love with their sweet temptations as they are indeed beautiful made and the crème brulee is just lovely. The cracky bites on the top with the melts in the mouth creamy crème brulee is just sinfully good and addictive. I am having 3 of them. Oh my! I don’t mind I am gaining some calories from there.

And what’s more is the 4 choices of highclass TWG with it. Enjoy 4 choices of tea selection where you can have the English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Peppermint Tea and also Green Tea. All of them are awesomely good and have beneficial to your body.

Oh and what I did not mentioned is everything here is refillable.That means is Eat All You Can.  And now you can entitled for a trip of a king and queen by booking the Hwajing Travel and Tours for  4 days 3 nights package. The Royal High Tea experience is available exclusively for Hwajing Tavel & Tours customers and it is by EXCLUSIVE INVITATION.

Asides from this, you can enjoy the cruise with family,your loves ones or even friends. Enjoy the journey of lifetime with your love ones where you can have a beautiful enjoyment as they have few packages of rooms and also loads of fun activities.


For the rooms, they cater for budget rooms which comes pretty small, just enough for two with two beds, and a small toilet.

For family, they do have a slightly bigger size room which cater enough for 2 adults and kid there. Double decker with a toilet which is just good for a family.

For those who have more budget or love to get a romantic trip, you can opt for the romantic room with the double bed, and also a bigger washroom as well as have a bath tub for some of them. Overlooking the beautiful seaview.


As for dining, the ship brings you with numerous restaurant opening from morning till night and some 24 hours.  They also have “HALAL” Status restaurant which is indeed Muslim Friendly too.

A variety of nice shows are also available as well. They have children rooms and many more to cater for those who wanna bring their kids over.

Not just that, you can enjoy a swim or even Jacuzzi too.

And of course some of the things must do is overlooking the beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset. It would be definitely a must to see for a lifetime. So, why not have your  travel all booked this round to celebrate Parent’s Day or even upcoming school holiday.

Get them a different experience of travel with Hwajing Travel and Tours.


Hwajing Travel & Tours (Penang)
15A Rangoon Road
10400 Georgetown
Tel: 04-2293566
Hwajing Travel & Tours (Kuala Lumpur Headquarters)
Block N26
2nd Floor Warisan Cityview
Jalan 3/93A
Batu 21/2 off Jalan Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-92002929

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