Resorts World Genting’s Fashion Forest : A forest with Internet Connection!

It is my first time hearing that a forest having wifi connection. Yes, there is and Resort World Genting brings you the FIRST wifi connectivity forest to you. Enjoy the nature, with the expert guidance to discover he treasure trove of unique flora and fauna found in the pristine forests of Genting Highlands.
Straggling oak trees, exotic hornbills and rehabilitated pitcher plants are among the wondrous sights that await discovery, and at Resorts World Genting, Treks Nature Enterprise has made it its mission to demystify nature—by also using social media and digital technologies.
And in here, you will get the nature meets technology where this is one of the amazing project dubbed Fashion Forest by the good people behind Treks who proclaim that “an alliance of rainforests waits to be discovered.”
Get the view, experience with your eyes on the 130 millionth year old jungle with very rich biodiversity for nature lovers to savour.
The focus of Fashion Forest are the forests in Genting Highlands—located between 3,000 ft and 6,000 ft above sea level. There are three forest types Treks refers to as “alliance of rainforests.” These are divided into four groups, namely Fashion Forest at Awana (upper Dipterocarp Forest 3,000 ft above sea level), Slay Forest at Chin Swee Temple (Montane Oak Forest some 4,500 ft above sea level), Chocolate Forest (Montane Ericaceous Forest some 6,000 ft above sea level), and Skyride Forest in Awana.
And not just that, they provides with the  education, fun and adventure whether you are a stressed out urbanite in need of some downtime or a weekend warrior seeking the adrenaline rush provided by sports and vigorous outdoor activities.
For as little as RM75 per person, the best of nature can be enjoyed, although generally a full-day walk or nature tour can cost RM130 per person (or RM120 for children aged 11 and below) for a   minimum group of three persons. Many types of packages are offered by Treks to cater to various groups including individuals, families and corporations. The packages are all priced differently.
It is a programme that is bound to satisfy every kind of pleasure-seeker there is but those wanting to focus on the environment may just opt for the Fashion Forest Green Campaign that incorporates technology in its line-up of competitions and games. The Mountain Man Challenge, on the other hand, is for those seeking to indulge in sports and physically-challenging recreational activities.
For corporations, there are the Corporate Bonding Activities in store. These would include teambuilding activities like the REEL simulator—an action learning programme based on popular movies—contemporary simulation games, treasure hunt, and Fashion Forest’s own Amazing Race!
For children, the Fashion Forest Summer Camp packages are education, adventure and fun rolled into one. The main concept of the camp is to immerse children in multi-disciplinary programmes filled with challenging recreational activities that will help them acquire the right disciplines. Among others, they learn about camping, nature and conservation, and they get to indulge in sports like archery and rock-climbing.
Other interesting programmes to pursue at Fashion Forest are the Art, Music & Nature Festival, and the Sax & Jazz Art Club.
For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to

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