It’s time to roll up your sleeves, take down the Christmas decorations and get some spring cleaning done before the festivities kicks off. A thorough cleaning of the house represents a wish to put away old things, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the New Year. So bring out the red and gold as the Year of the Rooster beckons.
Spring cleaning might seem like a daunting test but with these few tips in mind, we can help you to declutter and clean your room to make way for prosperity. But why put away or throw away your unwanted things when you can give them a new lease of life to someone else by selling them on Carousell?
“Chinese New Year is time when we open our doors and welcome our relatives and friends. Most importantly, it is a time to start anew to welcome more prosperity and good fortune by spring cleaning.” said Winnie Khoo, General Manager for Carousell Singapore and Malaysia. “Having a neat clean home starts with decluttering the things you don’t need and filling it with things that are meaningful to you. Carousell offers a way to do both, allowing you to declutter while earning some cash.”

Living rooms
Focus on the most visible parts of your home (so guests will be impressed), and work inwards. The living space of many homes are the family common space and the place where we entertain visitors during Chinese New Year. Keep the space bright and well lighted by wiping down your light bulbs as a dirty light bulb emits 20% less light than clean ones. Sort through the books, magazines, music and DVD collections and use Carousell to sell off those that no longer suits your family interests.
Start by soaking and dripping your pans and knobs in warm soup water before you begin cleaning clockwise around the room. As the stove is usually the dirtiest part of the kitchen, leave the stove for last to keep the dirt and germs contained. By the time you’re done with the room, your pans and knobs would also be easier to wipe down. As most of us tend to have more plates, cups and containers than needed in our cabinets, take this opportunity to separate the rarely used sets. We would also recommend stacking your utensils in plain sight on this walk shelve from tanejie.
Before starting to spring clean your bedroom, sun your mattress, duvets and pillows for them to regain their fluff. Fill your shirts in the drawers vertically so they are neatly folded and are easy to grab. Allocate an assigned area away from the bed for things such as laptops and books that could pose a distraction to a good night’s rest. A laptop stand like this takes up little space. Be mindful to keep your bedroom free of clutter and messes by sorting out the closet of unnecessary clothes and pieces first or save them for last. You can list your unwanted fashion pieces on Carousell. 
Start by clearing your counter which is often the place to horde bottles of lotions and gels and gather dust and mold. Take this opportunity to throw away any medicine, health and beauty products with expired dates. Give your bathroom a new facelift by scrubbing the tile grouts with a toothbrush and a simple mixture of half a cup of chlorine bleach diluted in a gallon of water. To get rid of unwanted odors, soak a cotton ball with essential oils and keep it under the bathroom sink for a nicely scented bathroom for two weeks. Alternatively opt for this aromatherapy diffuser to ensure your bathroom keeps smelling nice.  
After spring cleaning and sorting out your items, you can list and sell off your unwanted items on Carousell in under 30 seconds. By doing so, you can get rid of your unwanted stuff and make room for more prosperity for Chinese New Year! 

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