ResQ: Great experience having your meal and saving money

 Get your meals booked easily and collect them when you are on your way home. Save some money with ResQ and you can also save the environment. Recently I had purchase my wholesome meal after my event in CaliBurger recently and it is a great food and experience.

Since I am shopping in Avenue K, I spotted the pop up deal and I checked out that Caliburger offers a great deal and I can save up to RM5 per meal. It is easy to buy them via ResQ. Register yourself with ResQ and download the apps.

Just click the  deals you love to purchase and make your payment. Once done, complete them and make the payment.

You will received  the details of your orders under MY ORDER session and what I need to do is just show them to the restaurants and your meals will be prepared for you. You can collect them and enjoy them in your comfort zone anytime.

Interested food service providers can ask more about the service via a form on the service’s website or directly from Joanne Chia, Country Manager, ResQ Club Malaysia ([email protected]).The ResQ Club mobile app is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices. The service can be also used with any device with a web browser at:
For more information, visit

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