Sambal Belachan with Froothie Optimum 2.1

One of Malaysian favourites, where the sambal belachan comes with a few ingredients such as chillies and belachan. It is always a MUST for Malaysian especially having our rice, nasi lemak or even dipped into our daily meals. It can be paired easily with all Malaysian local delights and the food will definitely turns awesome with the sambal belachan.

Ingredients :
1. 700 g of red chillies (cut and remove the seeds)
2. 10 g of chilly padi
3.  50 g of Vietnamese Chilly
4. 100 g of Belachan


1. Clean chilies with running water, seeded and sliced. Dried the chilly using kitchen paper

2. Heat up a wok or pan on low heat and “toast” the belacan until aromatic. The texture of the belacan would turn dry and powdery after toasting.


3. Put them all into the G2.1 blender and using the function of “Grind” for  2 times, I can get the delicious sambal belachan on my table.


#The Sambal Belachan is made  with Froothie G2.1 Blender


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