Celebrate CNY with Sangkaya Ice Cream

Celebrate CNY this year with loads of Abundance. And this year, you will definitely enjoy your CNY with your love ones sharing the cold tasty delights.  Sangkaya has chosen abundance as the theme for our upcoming Chinese New Year because of what it represents not just in the Chinese Culture, but in a universal aspect. We have incorporated this into two new products which is the Opulence Bowl and the Fortune Shake.

The respective flavours of Orange and Pineapple hold a strong symbolisation in the Chinese culture. They represent good fortune and wealth respectively. We have implemented in a way that it is rich in flavour but also traditional in culture. The symbolisation of the fruits really brings forth what they love to have in this new product.

The Opulence Bowl bringing you with their delicious coconut ice cream which is infused with the flavours of orange & pineapple in it. And this year, you can have this two opulence bowl here in Sangkaya.

The Orange Tang (RM 8.88)

Bringing you with the tangy taste is complimented with the dried orange peel toppings to add a natural fruity texture. The ice cream is served with the tangy dried orange peels as well as lime sides with it. To me, the orange taste had covered the coconut taste but yet it brings you with the taste of citrus in it.

Pineapple Zest (RM 8.88)

Bringing you with the abundance of joy, don miss out the pineapple ice cream here where they use pineapple chunks in their ice cream and blend them together. The delicious refreshing taste of the Pineapple Taste is there bringing you with the great enjoyment.

Aside from the Fortune Bowl, Sangkaya also releases two smoothies which is the Orange Sunrise and also the Pineapple Breeze.


The Orange Sunrise (RM 7.88)

Bringing you with the tangy taste of orange with the aromatic coconut in it, the texture is indeed good with the sweet blend.

Pineapple Breeze (RM 7.88)

This brings you with the light soury taste but yet refreshing with the the pineapple chunks contribute to that extra crunch and zest to the overall taste.

And Sangkaya will be giving away their exclusive collectable Sangkaya Ang Pao packet. Purchase any two CNY products within a single receipt to receive them. It is available in all Sangkaya Outlet

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