Ante @ Publika : Award – Winning Porklicious Dining

As many knows about the porklicious restaurant in town, ANTE is being nominated as one of the Best Places for Meat in 2014 and the winners in 2015 for Time Out KL. Not just that,they had been in the long list of winners for their porklicious meals and restaurant to go from the online media to traditional media such as The Star and Edge as well to name a few. And recently, ANTE had released a few of their new menu.
Enjoy the porklicious delights at ANTE where you will definitely fall in love with them.
House Smoked Bacon (RM 19) 
Enjoy the delicious stripes of their house smoked bacon where the 3 slices of bacon with 8mm thick are being seared and bringing you with the slight crust and it is made raw from the kitchen of ANTE. With the hard work rom the kitchen team, they manicures, brines and air dry before smoking it leaving you with the crispy bites of sensation. Served together with the seeded mustard with it.
Tasting Platter (RM 46)
For those who are looking for some cold platter, enjoy the cold cuts platter featuring the imported Jamon Iberico, Spanish cured ham, cooked of smoked duck breast and sides with the side of extra virgin olive oil which is infused with rockmelon and ricotta. Just a perfect dish to go for either as a sharing portion or as a meal.
Miso Pork Belly (RM 19)
Slow cooked for 12 hours and you will be definite to sink your mouth with this wonder-licious pork belly which is completed with the juices in it and well glazed with miso, and herbed crust. The dish comes simply impressive with the baked bread crumbs over it with the miso, butter and thyme herbs. Awesomely good!
Crispy skin smoked duck breast (RM 25) 
Glazed till golden brown, the 8 cubes of smoked duck breast mea is well seared skin side which gives you with the crispy texture, and served with the balsamic vinaigrette reduction accompanied with a medley of young papaya and young mango salad. The meat comes simply tender and moist and leaves you with the juicy bites of it. Awesomely good.
Crispy Trotter salad (RM 29)
Bringing you one of the exclusive salad which is only available in ANTE Publika, the pork trotter skin is fried till crispy and adorned on top of a mixed of lettuce, young papaya and mango with pecan nuts, pomegranate seeds and a french vinaigrette dressing. The salad comes simply appetising with the crispy bites of the pork trotter skin.
Pork Striploin Diane (RM 42)
Being in ANTE, the restaurant brings you with different cuts of pig and it is being grilled till perfection. And one of the highlight is the Pork Striploin Diane where the tender loin meat comes with a strip of fat and sides with the bed of green pea mash and roasted russet potatoes drenched with a mushroom brandy sauce. The dish comes awesomely good with these tender-licious meat.
Pork Rib Eye (RM 52)
The combination of both lean white meat, marbled dark meat and strip of fat, char-grilled to seal the flavours and create that incredibly melts in your mouth. Well paired with the truffle browned butter sauce that goes very well with it, roasted russet potatoes, frisee and oak leaf lettuce. The meat comes tender, and moist and brings you with the appetising taste as well.
Pork Shoulder (RM 52)
Enjoy the well marinated and marbled cut of the dark meat on the bone where the meat comes smple tender and it will definitely brings you with a great indulgence and the meat comes simply tender and juicy. The steak comes divinely good with the sauce of rosemary garlic sauce, mashed potatoes, frisee and the oak lettuce with it.
Pork Striploin with Black Pepper Sauce (RM 38)
This awesomely good deliciously done tender pork loin cut comes awesomely good with the strip of pork loin cut that comes with the stripes of fat, chargrilled. Served together with the delicious awesomely good black pepper sauce, fries, caramelised onions, fries and the oak leaf lettuce.
Bolongnese (RM 23) 
For a lighter bites, enjoy their pasta too where they are equally as good as their ribs. The tomato based sauce, pan fried with the minced pork meat, served together with the tomato coulis,garlic and carrots. Garnished with the parsley and grated parmesan.
Arrabiatta (RM 28) 
Cooked al-dente and being one of my favourites comes with the spic based sauce which is made up from the tomato, dried chilies and bacon. It is completed with the sliced bacon that is toasted together with the linguine to complete this awesome dish.
Carbonara (RM 30) 
The creamy based of pasta being one of the signature here in Ante serves a great meal. The bowl of heavy dish is completed with the cream, pork bacon, button mushroom and egg yolk with it.
Char Siew Curry Cream (RM33) 
Their signature pasta to go for which is topped with their house made charsiu and an bed of linguine that is tossed with the curry, egg plant ragout and shimeji mushroom.
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-6206 3364
Other Outlets
Lot F346, First Floor, Rainforest, New Wing, One Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Daily, 10am-10pm.
Tel: +603-7732-5204

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