The Box of Joy with Lazada

There is so much to shop in Lazada and being a big fans of Lazada, it is a Must to go into the website everyday to checkout what are the recent deals and is time to shop. And recently I had received The Love of Joy from Lazada where it is completed with so much of goodies.

Many ask me, why are you shopping Lazada? Go to the shops and shop and you can earn points. I tell them “Lazada” can earn points to into your B card or your BIG Account. So, no worries about earning points but you can get more affordable deals and cheaper deals cutting all the hassle of lining up, battling with the heavy traffic and more.

And this time around, in conjuction with 11.11 and 12.12 ; Lazada have a great offers for the whole month bringing you an up to date sales. For those using Tefal brand, get this grinder (hand version)and have your food chopped in pieces in just few rounds of pulling the string.

So, get some of these for your home or even the pans and cookery appliances are at good sale too. The deals comes pretty good with over 50% off the market price and sometimes you can get them in stores.

Not just that, grab some gadgets online too. Stop all the bargaining in local stores and going one to one stores to get your deals. With Lazada, you can get these tech advance Bluetooth speaker which is portable here in Lazada too. Get those tech advance speaker for just RM 77 at Lazada 

And being a food blogger, I had always complained on not having enough space in my phone. Now i can buy them in Lazada too getting them at 64G without any hastle. The 64 Dual Drive comes to my rescue. With an affordable price at RM 55; you can have this and do not have to worried no space in your phone.

Not only having a great deals in tech and household appliance, food products such as cereals, and Nescafe are also in great deals. Hop on to get this brand new Nescafe Gold Machine which would make your home coffee brewing even much more fun. And you can get now in Lazada too at only RM 239.00

Not just that, Milo are also in-sale where MILO Promotion Bundle- MILO 1KG x1, MILO 3IN1 30’s x1, MILO KOSONG 18’s x2, MILO CAN ORIGINAL 240ML x6 and they are priced at RM 95.00 ONLY. And it comes with free Milo Matt & Ola Bola Bag ( x1) Random. Checkout HERE

Now; is time to shop effortless-ly with Lazada for the whole month and save more.

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