Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine Review: Your home Barista Anytime

Are you dreaming of having a coffee machine that you can have a good morning coffee with either latte, cappuccino,  espresso and it will be ready in minutes? Yes, I do love to have too !! But coffee machine now –a days is pretty expensive when it comes to buying the machine where you need to spend thousands for one.


Now I can have my cuppa of coffee with just one touch and everything ready in minutes. Nescafe recently released their brand new coffee machine where this coffee machine can do everything that you need. NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Machine releases the full potential of our premium blend.
 In just a few moments, it uniquely brings out all the delicious flavour & aroma of NESCAFÉ through a patented coffee cyclone creating velvety crema for the black cups, and smooth white coffee with a rich froth for cappuccinos and lattes with the perfect pairing of NESCAFÉ and fresh milk or Nestlé Coffee-mate.
What can you make from this NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Machine? The machine comes with simple buttons where you can have your Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Cappuccino, and also the Latte Macchiato all prepared automatically just by pressing the button.


And what I like about this machine is they do not requires capsules and also it can reveals the full Potential of Nescafe Gold with 1 touch. The golden touch to your aromatic coffee that  cost you less than 50 cents per cup. The coffee that comes out is so good with the aromatic, the smooth texture of the coffee and yet you can have the frothy taste of it like many other coffees you have n the café.
The Nescafe Barista Machines will be launching at RM 239.00 per machine and now Nescafe will be having a great discount with the partnership with Lazada where you can get them at RM 239.00 with Nescafé barista + 1 Nescafe gold blend + 1 Nescafé refill pack with it which will be launching on 14 September 2016
And do take note that the NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Machine is only workable for the premium coffee of Nescafe Gold only.


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