Recipes: Original Lava Cheese Tarts


Butter Base (Tart Shell) :
Anchor Unsalted Butter + Icing Sugar
150g + 50g
Egg (Grade A)
1 no
All Purpose Flour + Salt
300g + 2g
Lava Cheese Mixture:
AnchorCream Cheese (Softened) + Anchor Unsalted Butter
250 + 50g
Whipping Cream + UHT Milk
150g + 100g
Italiano Parmesan Cheese
Custard Powder
(Grade A) + Vanilla Essence (Optional)
1 no +
½ tsp
Glaze for Lava:
Egg Yolk
1 no


Butter Base:
1. Combine butter and icing sugar. Mix well
2. Add in egg. Mix in dry ingredient till form dough.
3. Rest in the chiller for 30 minutes before rolling onto the tartlets mould.
4. Roll out the dough to 2mm thickness and fully bake the tart shells at 180°C  for 13-15 minutes

Lava Cheese Filling:
1. Combine cream cheese, butter, whipping cream, milk, parmesan and sugar. Dissolve under hot water bath till mixture is smooth
2. Remove from the water bath; add in custard powder, egg, vanilla. Stir lightly thickened
3. Keep lava filling chilled for 1hour. Pipe filling into the fully baked tart shells.
4. Allow to set till firm in the freezer at least 2 hours and glaze surface with egg yolk
5. Bake in preheated oven at 230°C for 7-8 mins till the top is slightly brown.
***Baking time varies depending on different type of ovens.

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(Recipes from Chef May Foo)

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