Japanese Food Fair 2016 @ AEON Bandar Utama

For those who are a big fans of Japanese products, hop to AEON now where they provide you with the variety choices of Japanese product to be displayed here. And for this round, the Japanese fair is show casing a few province which includes Iwate, Niigata, Mie, Tokushima, Ehime, and also Kagoshima where it will be from 28 November 2016 till 7 December 2016.

This fair is going to be at 3 location which is at Bandar Utama, Mid Valley and also Bukit Indah.

And this fair Is indeed impressed us where Oishi Sdn Bhd had imported  loads of the Japanese products which is fully imported all the way from Japan. Some of the highlights inclsive the Mochi Cream which caught most of our attention where the mocha cream is one of the best seller in Japan and now they are available in here in Malaysia. Comes in 10 flavours,each of them comes pretty unique where they have Blueberry Yogurt, Setouchi Lemon, Tiramisu, Vanila and White Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Matcha Au Liat,Choco and Cookies Marshmellow, White Peach Yoghurt, Mongo and Coconut , Chococlate Banana, and Strawberry Cheese Cake.

And for first timer, Matcha Au Lait is one of the must go for where each the premium green tea ice cream is being wrapped with he fluffy mocha. The mochi brings contains Japanese red beans and cream.

Cheese Cake is one of the items that must buy as well. These cheesecake which is affordably priced and impressed with the cheese cake packaging. It is said that the cheesecake comes with 3 flavours and being that matcha flavours of course fares a good scores.

Imported Tea is also available for sale too. All the way imported from Japan, the premium tea is now there in AEON. Selling at less than RM 100 per packet, you can have to enjoy this premium tea there too.

Not just that, get the variety of udon selection such as the IshimaRuseimen where these Sanuki Udon are premium products for udon making at home. You can get the sauce or even the brooth in packets from here too.

The cute Mizkan is also available here too. The easily done seasoning is all here whether you would like them in Helllo Kitty, Gudetama, Melody packing or others.

Snacks and sweets imported all the way from Japan is indeed impressive as well. They have loads of those wonder-licious sweets such as the Gudetama sweets, Hokkaido Matcha Milk Candy, Morinaga Marie Biscuit, Glico Porky Chocolate Cookies, Kit Kat and many more.

Other than that, get a taste from Iwate where the Monoka Jajamen Noodles can be found here. Buy them back and grab the taste of the Jajamen noodles which is developed by the Chinese Noodles called “jia Jiang mien”.

Get the best apple from Japan too here. They also have pure Japan Apple Juice available here where you can enjoy those pluppy sweet apple. Deliciously done!


Other than that, get those premium prodct from Iwate Japan that you can have the Aniri Kurami Dango, Aniri Sanshoku Dangoo, Yogumi Daifuko, Shiro Daifuko and many more.

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