6 Reasons WHY should you have Casio EX-ZR5000

Casio Malaysia Sdn Bhd. launched the EX-ZR5000 which is the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. And this camera is indeed one of the brands that you should own them. Why I say so?
1. Super wide angle 
The new camera features a 19mm super-wide-angle lens that takes breathtaking photos with an expansive perspective. The lens takes beautiful and breathtaking photos, capturing the sweeping landscapes and magnificent structures the user may see while traveling. The wide-angle view captures the full background even when taking self-portraits or group shots, to produce appealing shots that enhance the imagination of the viewer. WIth the super wide angle with 5 optical zoom, get the premium zoom feature based on the super -resolution technology, your pictures can maintains its quality.
2. Bluetooth®*3 Smart enables and controls connection with smartphone
The camera is completed with the Bluetooth technology and if you are a traveller, instagramer or even like to have beautiful pictures from your camera to share with your friends instantly; this is the one you should have them. By enabling location data on a smartphone, location data for the time the photo was shot can be added to images sent to the phone. A smartphone app that works with location data can be used to show where images were taken on a map, providing a fun way to relive a trip.
3. High-speed technology delivers responsive picture taking
With the hi-speed technology, you will definitely get a good quality of pictures. Thanks to its dual-CPU and two parallel image processors, the EX-ZR5000 offers a fast startup time of only 1.2 seconds, high-speed autofocus in 0.17 seconds, a lightning-fast shutter response of 0.015 seconds, and a rapid capture interval as short as 0.22 seconds.
4. Make-up mode
With the Make-up mode expresses subtle details and brings out feminine beauty with remarkable clarity, creating natural and fresh-looking skin tones to help achieve the ideal look for feminine skin.
5. Pre-set Make up Mode
With the five artistic effects to images already made beautiful with the make-up function. The Elegant effect makes a photo look like it was taken right next to a window, while Fogg adds a softer ambience to the image. In other options, the Fairy effect brings out the feminine qualities of the image, while Nostalgic creates a sentimental, wistful mood. Finally, Vivid makes photos brighter. And with this; you can have a great pictures with no touch up needed.
6. Tilt-type LCD and Front Shutter optimal for self-portraits
The tilt-type LCD enables users to check the angle of the shot and composition while taking a self-portrait, and the convenient Front Shutter makes it easy to take vertical self-portraits. The Motion Shutter lets users activate the shutter just by waving a hand in front of the camera. These features make it even more fun and easy to take self-portraits
So with this there is no reason for not having this camera in your pocket now

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