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Capacity is something we need now, do you agree? I am a person who love to put myself into gadgets and one of the things I found out is PenDrive, help me to go at anytime. At times, it is always good to have more backups or even space especially during food review, or even work, and travel.
I always get frustrated and when my camera pop up message where the capacity is FULL. That’s a disaster and even for my handphones too which is all build in memory. That’s a killer for me. Recently I had gotten the good range on pendrive product and I am indeed felt I am SAFE and not worrying about capacity anymore.
PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG)
PenDrive brings you with the good idea of getting the pendrive on the go. The PenDrive on the go is where you can plug them into your phone Micro B Connector and it will be a extra storage for your phone.  Whats more is with the USB 3.0; you are assured of getting a max read speed of 120.9 MB / seconds making them easier to connect in to it. Available in 4 different colors with different capacity where you have 8GB ( Black) (RM 25) ; 16GB (Silver) (RM 31) ; 32 GB (Gold) (RM 48) and 64GB (Rose Gold) (RM 85). With this capacity provided, now I can brag for no space in your phone anymore. It is compatible with all Android phones and those who are using iphones; you need to get a connector to change from the micro B connector to lighting connector
PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB (USB 3.0) (RM 299)
One of my favorite pendrive. Elegantly presented, with the huge capacity. The PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB (USB 3.0) brings you with the 128 GB space that offers blazing fast data transfer speed. With this, you can have a hot plug and play capacity and they do not need external power required. Not just elegant, but they brings you with a durable solid-data retention for at least 10 years.
PenDrive RocketX PRO UHS-3
Being a food travel blogger, capacity is something we need at anytime. Reliable SD Card, and huge capacity comes to my rescue whenever I am in need of getting the right picture. And sometimes, I got a nice great shot but ended up editing makes my life tough as we captured only JPEG. With the huge capacity of 128G by Pendrive, now I can have my raw file captured and editing easier. Thanks to the huge capacity and I do not need my laptop with me anymore while travelling.  And not just that, for a better transfer speed, with the Class 10 capacity, it brings you with the minimum of 10MB/s transfer speed which is simply hgh speed and with this you can do your full HD Video Recording, HD Still Image and Continous Shooting. And Pendrive brings you with 3 chocies of capacity which is 128GB (RM 255) . 64GB ( RM 125) and 32GB (RM 72) 
PenDrive Nano∞ Infinite (SSD)
I am expecting something big but it do surprise me. The compactly small 1.8” external SSD that is created for individials that demands toughness to their external storage at the same time delivering you with the high speed transfer up to 380 MB/s. The small pocket size SSD comes sweet and cute. And they are available in different sizes of capacity where you can have 128GB (RM 215) , 256 GB (RM 375) , 512GB (RM 695) and 1 T (RM 1395) 
Overall, PenDrive is indeed a good solution for my blogging. Not just bringing you huge capacity, but they also brings you a style of elegance. For more info, checkout PenDrive Web here
Note: All price quoted are RRP Price


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    No matter how many pendrives I have, they are never enough. Recently, my friend bought a 1T SSD and I have been searching for one locally ever since. This price tag is keeping me away, though.

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    Have you heard of CD or DVD before? I think I may have heard of them before… I don’t know. Because since 2011, I have not had a laptop that came with a DVD drive (MacBook). And for a good reason. Pen drives (USB drives) are far easier to use and carry.

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    1T pendrive? but I thought thumbdrives are temporary/flash memories.
    So keeping it as a permenant storage, it might disappear in the future, will this have any of that problem?

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