The Elite Seafood Restaurant @ Section 13, Petaling Jaya :MIGF 2016 Menu

Stately and grand, The Elite Seafood Restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood and Cantonese-inspired cuisine. Owned by the Unique Seafood Group of Restaurants, which is also one of Malaysia’s biggest live seafood suppliers, Elite always offers over 100 types of imported marine species, and diners can even choose from some rarer ones like French turbots, Australian snow crabs, Alaskan spider crabs and Canadian geoduck clams to name but a few. Not just that, Elite Seafood comes with 500 pax capacity with 8 private rooms in it.
And this year, The Elite Seafood Restaurant making a debut this year where they features rare seafood items where Chef Kam considers his finest dish.And this year, it is his first time cooking for MIGF, he is very excited for diners to try his fusion menu that combines Asian and Western style seafood together. And this round, we are excited on its menu.
Elite Duo Combinations Platter, Crispy Canadian Oyster & Hokkaido Crab Leg Salad with Avocado
 Enjoy this plate of delicious platter where it comes with the Crispy Canadian Oyster & Hokkaido Crab Leg Salad with Avocado. I love the Crispy Canadian Oyster where it is perfectly done and I am impressed with the crunchy bites at the outer layer and inside remains juicy, moist and pluppy. As for the Hokkaido Crab Leg Salad with Avocado, the starter is just amazingly good! I love the fresh Hokkaido Crab Leg and sides with the mouthwatering salads and avocado.
Nourishing Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Whelk, Chinese Herbs and Star Fruit
Love the taste of the soup and it is pretty unique. The soup is completed with the generous portion chicken meat, together with the whelk, Chinese herbs and star fruits with it. The soup comes awesomely sweet and aromatic.
Main Course 1*
Braised 4-Head South African Abalone accompanied with Crispy Rice
One of the MUST to go for is the Braised 3 Head South African Abalone here. The abalone comes awesomely good where the dish is pluppy and juicy. And it is well match with the crispy rice. I can say I am simply impressed with how it is presented and also the juiciness of the abalone.
Main Course 2
Baked Boston Lobster with Foie Gras and Herbs
The lobster is well baked till perfection together with the Foie Gras and Herbs. It comes simply flavourful and the meat comes simply tender and juicy. It is perfectly a good match with the lobster and every mouthful is complete with the seafood sweetness itself. Oh my!
Yummy One Mouth Full Egg Noodles
Ends our meal with the awesomely delicious egg noodles.  The soup is well cooked with the Chinese Herbs which make the soup simply aromatic and full of nutriants. With the herbal soup base and the springy noodles, the noodles is simply addictive and sides with the pluppy wantan.
Dessert *
Double-Boiled Tian Shan Xue Lian with Pear
Enjoy the bowl of the awesome desserts. The soothing bowl of desserts which is double boiled is simply a perfect ending of the awesome meal. The Tian Shan Xue Lian is double boiled in the pear making the desserts simply sweet and delicious. Inside includes the snow fungus and some dates in it.
Full Festival Menu
Without Wines: RM268 nett per person
(Minimum order 2 pax)
Light Festival Menu
Without Wines: RM168 nett per person
(Minimum order 2 pax)
Light Menu only includes dishes marked with astericks
For those who are looking for great Chinese Cuisine for MIGF this year, why not heads to Elite Seafood and pamper your tastebuds with Chef Kam creation.
Lot 9B, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +603 7960 4288 / 4988
GPS Location: 3.1141263,101.6422664
*Note: All pictures taken are saved in Pendrive Storage *

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