Pulau Tioman 2016 : Day 2 (TICD)

Wake up as early as you can! Get the early morning view and if you lucky you do some starglazing as you may get a view of strips of Milky Way else heads up the hill for a beautiful view of sunrise 


We are not lucky enough as is raining season. *sad* aren’t able to get the view of the sunrise today.


For those who wanted a luxury stay here can go for their villa stay at Shazan Villa above the hill. With RM 25k a night with butler service and full spread of meals provided or RM 12k a night just villa alone.


We also able to witness the creation from the children from the nearby school where they make the seahorse sculpture from the recycle bottles. It is indeed creative and aside that, we are being told about 10 fun facts on the seahorse such as the life of seahorse, how they survive, and more.
Not just that, chef also teach us how to cook where we have a cooking class on how they prepared grilled salmon in orange sauce, as well as local desserts too.
– Pictures from Amar Shah-


For those who love to go for the jungle tracking, you can witness some greeneries and also unique creatures inside the jungle. Not just that, enjoy the waterfalls too.


And finally, is now the fun time begins with the gala dinner of TICD where we are brought for a buffet dinner and performance from the locals. It is indeed a splendid event where we are not just enjoying but learn about the live culture below us. There are loads of things that we may not know happenings in the sea but being part of the earth ; is glad to learn that how Berjaya Group putting the effort to conserve the corals and ecosystems for our future

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