Pulau Tioman 2016 : Day 1


An exciting trip of the day where we headed to the beautiful island which is the pulau tioman . 


The island located here is around 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and 90 minutes boat ride. The whole journey is full of great excitement which is just fun. 


The island itself is not just for divers but it do cater for home and also family. You can enjoy some kayak,  snookering or even golf too with your family members and friends. 
You can learn see how beautiful the corals is and it is just eye fascinating. From day to night you can surprise yourself or even your love one with dinner by the beach. 
Have some beer here as it is duty free here too. Go for some night activities like stargazing or even some spa will be a good choice after a busy day. 
P/S: We will be coming up with more details on our trip soon

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