Marco Modern Café @ 1 Utama: Fine Dining Experience at Affordable Price!

A recent visit in 1 Utama, and we spotted a new re-brand outlet by the name of MARCO.  The restaurant established back in 2014 under the name of Miam Miam and in 2015, they had rebrand to Franco as a differentiation from the other Miam Miam establishments which serve pork menu. And not long, a departmental store group had spotted their brand and had acquired them. And now it is the 3rd time’s the charm, they had retained their 1 Utama outlet and now the decided to evolve into Marco Modern Café.

The restaurant comes completely cozy and beautiful with minimal renovation. Ambience is just perfect but the menu in Marco had brings us with abundance of surprises this round. Getting the feedback from their customer, they had put in the effort to create their menu with more poultry this round. And not just that, all the ingredients are prepared in house which makes the overall dish even perfect.


Cream of Mushroom with Truffle Oil (RM 13.80 )

Start your meal off with the cream mushroom soup. The thick creamy mushroom soup made from scratch. I love how the creamy soup is done with the complete fragrant of mushroom and the soup is simply thick. Sides with the fluffy toast by the side.

Salmon Steak (RM 34.80) 
For those who love to have some salmon, this is deliciously good. The salmon used 6 hours to prepare and it is cooked at the right temperature and texture. Using  the sous vide cooking method, you are sured to enjoy not just flaky meat but also healthy meals.  The dish is simply impressive with the flaky meat and also the skin remains crispy and juicy.  I just love every mouthful of the salmon where it brings you with the aromatic taste of the salmon steak and is just so scrumptious. Side  with Hollandaise Sauce and Sauteed Vegetable


ACB (RM 26.80) 

Using the modern technology in cooking, the dish is amazingly done. With using Sous Vide method, the chicken are being cooked in the sealed in airtight food grade pouch and water bath in a temperature control environment which is around 60 – 65 degrees.  With this technique, the chicken is cook evenly and also you are assured that the meat remains tender and juice. The Airline Chicken Breast which is being served comes tender and succulent with the sides of Jus Gras, charred brussels sprouts, pearl onions and toasted walnut.

Chicken Roulade (RM 26.80) 

Love to enjoy some roulade? The Roulade of whole Chicken Thigh is being pasteurised and it is then being slow bath at 65 degrees for an hour. Making the chicken thigh tender and moist, it is then being deep fried and served with the jus gras, charred Brussels sprouts, pearl onions and toasted walnut. I just love how it is done with the tender and juicy meat and I could not even notice that the meat is chicken breast meat as it is so moist and juicy.

Cheese Burger (RM 26.80) 

Thick patty, juicy beef meat and it is made in house. Sandwiched between the sesame bun and sides with the fries. Nothing much to describe about this as it is so good that we wipe up the burger completely.


Flan De Caramelo (RM 13.80)

The desserts are impressive as well. Love how this luscious, eggy and caramelised coated custard is done. I love the bites of the flan; not too sweet but the Strawberry Ice Cream is just too impressive. The ice cream comes just perfect at the right taste (just alike Haagen Dazs). Oh my! Just hope they have more flavours.

Looking for an impressive fine dining experience, you will be assure for a great meal here. Price is affordable and yet their ambience is just awesome. Love every tiny things here.

LOT G146, Ground Floor,
1Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun (11:00 am – 10:00 pm)
Phone: 03-7731 8923
Email : [email protected] / [email protected]
Website :
GPS Location: 3.1489853,101.6165556

 P/S: All pictures are taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark III and save in Pendrive SSD Card.


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