Sanoook @ Sunway Pyramid 3: Fun with Thai-Japanese Cuisine!

Sanoook is inspired by their  love affair with Thai and Japanese cuisine. Using secret, authentic Thai recipes from their flagship restaurant Chakri Palace and adding a twist of presentation and creative culture of Japanese food, we are the first to combine these two delectable cuisines. In Sanoook, they hope to bring you the future of gourmet where cultures and tastes merge, creating a whole new culture of fun dining.

‘Sanook’ means ‘fun’ in Thai. We added another ‘O’ to represent a circle of friendship…Hence, Sanoook means having fun together with friends! And here with go enjoying our fun time in Sanoook with our friends and party begins here. Sit either inside or al-fesco area is your choice.

4 Season Platter (RM38) 
Enjoy the mouthwatering platter where they comes with awesome bites of the crispy delicacies. The platter comes with those lovely crispy bites like the crispy  Thai  chicken ball, vegetarian spring roll, crispy calamari, and also the salmon cream croquette. The lovely platter comes amazingly good where you eat all your way without thinking about calories. I am indulged!

Tom Yum Soup with Prawn (RM23.90)
Pipping got tomyum soup is something that you must go for in Sanoook. Enjoy those hot and fiercy soup where each mouthful having the burning hot sensation. That’s what I love about it. Complete with the fresh prawns in it.

Pan Fried Tuna Steak with Spinach & Mixed Mushroom served with Teriyaki Sauce (RM28.90)
Enjoy the lovely plate of the fish. Well pan fried till perfection leaving you with the crispy edge and moist texture in the meat itself. The fish comes amazingly good and moist. Well marinated with the teriyaki sauce.

Salmon Belly Skewers with Lime Chili Sauce(4sticks) (RM 78.00)

Chicken Skewer with Massaman Sauce(4sticks) (RM 33.00)

Vegetable Skewer (Tomato, Corn, Zucchini, Capsicum and Leek) with Sanoook Sauce(4sticks) (RM28.90)
Love to grab some skewers, they have loads to choose from. They have from the salmon wrapped with scallops, salmon belly, prawns, beef, chicken wings, vege and more. Enjoy those tender juicy skewers with their signature sauce. Paired them with the green curry sauce, chu chee sauce or massaman sauce for beef and chicken. If you grab the seafood, they recommended to enjoy them with the lime chili or the sanoook sauce. It will definite enhance your taste-buds ad temptations for sure.

Tuna Sushi with Tom Yum Sauce (RM27.90)
Being in a Thai Japanese cuisine restaurant, you wouldn’t missed their Thai Inspired Japanese dishes. The delicious tuna sushi where it comes with chunk of tuna in it and drenched with the tomyam sauce and topped with the ebiko with it. The tuna comes fresh and juicy. The fusion combination indeed pretty unique and delicious.

Sanoook Salad (RM 30) 
Enjoy the healthy salad where the platter of greenies comes with the Japanese Cucumber wrapped with Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple. The taste comes pretty unique with the creamy blend from the avocado and salmon but once once munch with the cucumber and some greenies, it actually toned down on the creaminess and make a perfect match.

Smoked Salmon  with Thai Mango Chili Sauce (RM28.90)
Help your self with the smoked salmon which is together with the Thai Mango Chili Sauce. The salmon sushi with the Thai mango chili sauce is indeed something worth to go for. With the unique combination of the smoked salmon with the light spiciness and little zest in it, the whole taste is just awesome.

Chicken Burger with Teriyaki Sauce RM17.90
Burger person? Enjoy their tender juicy burger with the teriyaki sauce. This lovely burger made from sushi rice and sandwiched the burger and some greenies in between. Sides with some corns with it. Indeed a good munch!

Fresh Durian Ice-cream with Coconut Milk & Sago (RM21.90)

Thai Volcano (flour cake, milk tea, pearl and sago(RM16.90)

Ends your meal with some desserts of course. Nothing ends a meal with sweet bites. And we had their signature which is the Fresh Durian Ice-cream with Coconut Milk & Sago and also Thai Volcano. Nothing beats the creamy fragrant durian ice cream which is the crowd favorites where every mouthful of the durian taste is perfectly awesome.

From Left: Shirley Thai Temple (RM 16); Thai Lemongrass Honey (RM 11); Vitamin Pumster (Orange, Carrot, Apple)(RM13.00); Bananacado (RM 19); Sanoook Punch (RM 16)

Looking for a new place to dine, pop to Sanoook where they give you happiness, joy , fun and of course good food. Another new place to dine here!


 Lot 4 Sunway Pyramid Hotel West

Jalan PJS 11/15Bandar Sunway

47500 Petaling JayaMalaysia

TEL: 03-5650 5196

GPS COORDINATES: 3.0730856 101.6045325


Monday – Wednesday 10:00AM – 11:00PM 

Thursday – Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00AM

Sunday 10:00AM – 11:00PM

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