SK Jewellery, a leading premier jeweller of brilliant craftsmanship, signature expressions and timeless quality in the region, is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the revolutionary ALLOVE diamond in Malaysia and Singapore.

Following the global launch of the ALLOVE diamond in Singapore in December 2015, SK Jewellery is proud to debut the stunning ALLOVE diamond in Malaysia today. The collection offers an assortment of luxurious designs bearing the magnificent ALLOVE diamond which boldly pushes the boundaries in diamond-cutting techniques.

This includes an all-new 81-facet cut featuring a perfect pattern of 10 Hearts and 10 Arrows, specifically created to maximise light performance and eliminate light leakage.

The ALLOVE Diamond

The cut beautifully enhances the diamond’s alluring brilliance with more spectacular sparkles than a traditionally cut diamond, and an astonishingly wide spectrum of colourful shades and hues, giving the ALLOVE diamond a unique intense radiance.

Further captivating the hearts of diamond connoisseurs, the ALLOVE diamond’s intricate and perfect pattern of 10 Hearts and 10 Arrows brings together a dazzling symmetrical geometric pattern that alludes to love. It is the ultimate expression of everlasting love and devotion, as the exceptional sparkle is reserved only for the one and only perfect love.

The ALLOVE diamond is as rare as it is magnificently beautiful. Only one in 1,000 rough diamonds is be selected to be crafted into an ALLOVE diamond and only a select few craftsmen in the world are experienced and skilled enough to execute the 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows cut. With patents applied in more than 100 countries, international diamond experts hail the ALLOVE diamond cut as so revolutionary that it would set a new benchmark for diamond cutting in the global industry. This is further added to by global gemological institutions who offer their certification and assurances of quality for the ALLOVE diamond.

“With this unique collection, we have shown ourself to be at the forefront of the industry,” said Angelina Lau, General Manager of SK Jewellery. “We pride ourselves as a brand dedicated to creating contemporary and exquisite jewellery pieces, where every precious occasion is celebrated with our creation”.

The ALLOVE diamond debuts with a resplendent collection, of which, The Light of Life statement necklace stands out for its pure juxtaposition of luxury, elegance and femininity in an avant-garde design.

Celebrating the magic of life and the exuberance of individuality, the theatrical and bold 18K white gold necklace draws inspiration from the DNA molecule’s double helix structure. The dramatic curves, pavé-set with diamonds, provide the necklace with a breath-taking three-dimensional structure, on which ALLOVE diamonds are presented to incredibly stunning effect.
Diamond-studded beads of varying sizes add softness to the provocative design. At the heart of the necklace is a 3-carat ALLOVE diamond, of which radiance and brilliance are showcased to an unparalleled level.

The complex structure of the necklace demonstrates the cutting-edge creativity of the designer and the virtuosity of the craftsman’s mastery. The distinctive necklace, an exceptional showcase of the extraordinary brilliance of Allove diamonds, undoubtedly celebrates uniqueness in the grandest and most luxurious way.

Other alluring pieces from the collection include dazzling rings and pendants that feature ALLOVE’s special trademark “V” and double “V” settings. Equally impressive is the motif of “hearts and arrows” incorporated into the jewellery setting that alludes to the enduring qualities of love that binds a couple together.

Illuminate life’s perfect moments only with the perfect sparkle of ALLOVE diamonds.

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