One of the restaurant we visited in the Kyoto Station is the銀座ハゲ天. The restaurant located inside the mall in Kyoto Station where you can find loads of Japanese delights there. We went to the restaurant as we are dying for some rice meals. Their tempura set is one of our order. The set comes with a salad, tempura don and some prickles as well as soup with it.

The Tempura Don (¥1512) comes perfectly delicious. All the items are fresh and as for seafood we understand that they will made it from their catch of the day. Our tempura comes with deep fried fish, deep fried prawn, deep fried potato as well as deep fried egg with it. The portion also comes generous too.

As for me, I had my favorite chawanmushi (¥420)  which is served hot. The custard -egg comes awesomely good with the smooth texture and in it, comes with a prawn, mushroom, chicken meat and lotus seed as well.

京都市下京区烏丸通塩小路下ル 東塩小路町無番地 京都駅前地下街ポルタ


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