We are always big fans of steamboat and here we go at The Gourmet Definition Steamboat Restaurant.

Elegantly purple and white color, the restaurant comes simple and yet with the classy ambience. Not just that, the restaurant brings you with the hygiene feel as well.

On the second floor, you are welcome with the elegant sitting which is indeed a nice VIP sitting. There is a special room for the smokers. It is being nicely decorated into 2 themes which are Oriental and Western.

In here, you can enjoy a variety of steamboat and unique base of soup as well. He choices of soup inclusive of the tom yum soup, Teochew Style Pig’s Stomach Soup with Pepper , Watercress & Almond Soup with Pork Bone and many more. This round we enjoy their signature soup which is the Drunken Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs (RM 38.60) where the chicken soup comes awesomely good with the refreshing and sweet flavours. The Chinese wine concoction is the soup brings you with the aromatic taste.

Of course, enjoy your meal with some ingredients to cooked with it. In Gourmet Definition Steamboat, they comes with variety of fish balls where they have Homemade Fish Ball, Prawn Balls and more.

Handmade Four Treasure Ball ( Fish Ball, Tangerine Peel Beef Ball, Pork Ball & Octopus Ball) (RM 20.60 for 16 pcs) 

If you love to try all their signature in a plate, order their Homemade Four Treasure Balls where it comes with the combination of Fish Ball, Tangerine Peel Beef Ball, Pork Ball and Octopus Ball

Chilled Live Oyster (RM 12.60 per pcs) 

The chilled live oysters are extremely huge.  Served with a little water-crest, lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce. . It was really fresh and packed with the complete richness of the sea. Definitely a must to have when you visit here.

Tiger Prawn( RM 29.60 for 8 pcs) 

The tiger prawns which are served are extremely fresh and huge. Every mouthful complete with the sweetness from the sea with the juicy meat. No doubt of its freshness.

Half Green Mussels (RM 12.60 for 6 pcs) 
Hokkaido Fresh Scallops (RM 14.60 for 6 pcs )


Organic Green World Combo (RM 16.60)

And of course, enjoy some steamboat with some vegetables. Comes with a pack of fresh vegetables which includes the  Yin Choy, Snow Mushroom, White Bean-curds, Romaine Lettuce and Cameron Sweet Corn all in one.


Carrot Fish Noodles (RM 12.60) & Japanese Seaweed Fish Noodles (RM 12.60)

Don’t forget to order their fish noodles. One of the popular items here, I love both the noodles. The noodles comes bouncy and delicious.

While waiting for your soup to cook, you can also order some light snacks to enjoy too.


Szechuan Style Spicy Chicken (RM 12.60) 

The chicken is steamed and topped with the spicy Szechuan paste in it. The chicken meat comes amazingly good with the tender meat but with the spicy Szechuan topped with it, the taste burst with the spicy sensation.


Fried Lotus Root (RM 6.60)

The fried lotus roots is another good stuff here. Well deep fried till perfection and seasoned, the lotus roots comes crispy and addictive.

Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/13,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 6151 8638
Facebook: Gourmet Definition Steamboat

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