Located in a relatively secluded area which bring you back to nature, it is indeed a place worth to visit. The restaurant comes with the beautiful ambience where you can dine with the excellent view of the lake. Le Gourmet Cottage is indeed a nice place for some steamboat.

– The inside view-
– The ambiance-

In Le Gourmet Cottage bring you with a variety choices of steamboat where they serves a variety choices of soup base together with ingredients.

I was pretty surprised with their soup base where they have unique choices of soup like Drunken Chicken Herbal Soup (RM 38), Pork rib & Stomach Pepper Soup (RM 28), LCS Signature Warm & Spicy Soup and many more. We had the Double Boiled “Chuan Gioing Bai Zhi Tian Ma” soup with Fried Fish Head (RM 38). The clear soup based comes with the light and yet flavourful soup is awesomely good.

You can order the ingredients you love to add into your steamboat where you can have a selection of their homemade fish paste, to their fish ball, dumplings, beef balls and more. They also serves a variety of seafood to go with your steamboat too. Try them with some slices of sea grouper fish, sea cucumber, fish maw, meat crab and more.  We ordered the homemade squid paste with ebiko (RM 12) that comes simply good. The bouncy texture of the squid paste and the sweetness of it is perfectly good.

Homemade 4 combination Balls (RM 28)
The combination of 4 fish balls inclusive of the homemade fish ball, Homemade US Beef Ball, Homemade Cuttlefish Ball and Homemade Prawn Ball all in a plate. We love the fish balls and also the beef balls the most. The beef balls comes simply chewy.

Slice Premium Pork Loin Roll (RM 9 (S) / RM 18 (L))

Australian Slice Loin Roll(RM 12 (S)/ RM 24 (L) )

US Rib Eye Slice Beef Roll (RM 12 (S) / RM 24 (L) )

For meat lover, why not order some meaty delights to enjoy.Try their delicious tempting prime pork loin or even the Beef Roll.

For those who are looking for more luxurious add-ons; they have Alaskan Crab too.

Deep Fried Beancurd with Spices & Salt (RM 6.80)
Since we are waiting for our food to be cook; why not enjoy some some beancurd as well. The beancurd is well seasoned and deep fried till perfection with the spices and salt.

Deep Fried Chicken Wing with Shrimp Paste (RM 9.80)
The chicken wing with shrimp paste is also a good one.  The taste comes simply flavourful and the hint of shrimp paste can be tasted too.

No. 5, Kawasan Landskap & Nursery, Jalan Tropicana Selatan, Petaling Jaya, Tropicana, 43700
Tel: 011-1330 3751
Opening Hours: Mon.-Sun. 18:00 -02:00

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